Good Ol’ Rambling Sarah

Hello dear reader! How are you? By the time this post is scheduled, I’ll probably still be laying in bed, wondering if my coworkers would miss me if I called out. Haha! Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and do a post like I did in the olden days. Good ol’ rambling Sarah.

So, I have been pretty busy lately. Last month I went to Israel, came home, had a hard time getting back into a sleep pattern, was thrown into work two days after getting back (not a good idea), and I’ve just been going ever since. It’s like every day I’ve had something to do, even on my days off (which have been few and far between). My last blog post was just a story scene, just something that has been rolling around in my head that I wanted to get out there. I want to do more of those.

Friday I cleaned out my room. It was overwhelming at first, but I made one goal at a time. First, get everything out of the room. That part was easy. After a good vacuuming, I looked at the pile of stuff I had to sort through. My next goal was to go through it one piece at a time. I set up my bean bag chair, grabbed a crate, and sorted through it. I grabbed one pile at a time and put different items into their designated piles. I quit before I went through everything because I was hungry and I had a headache.

Saturday (yesterday) morning, I woke up feeling rejuvenated, and determined. I poured myself a glass of iced coffee and headed downstairs with my mother in tow. She sat in my spinny chair, I plopped down into my bean bag chair, and I started up again. An hour later, I was done. Now I just needed to find a place for all of it. I grabbed three more crates and I set them up in my closet, and threw some other containers on top of them. To be honest, I love the way it looks. In fact, I love the way my whole room looks.

That took a left. I wasn’t planning on telling you all about my room organization adventure. But alas, I did just that.

So, anyway, I wanted to put down some thoughts that I’ve been having lately, concerning my blog. I like to try to do things I’ve never done before (for example, I tried recording videos for YouTube. It didn’t last long, but at least I tried it and found out that it wasn’t for me). I’d like to continue that theme in the coming months.

Things I’ve never done before, but I’m thinking about trying:

  • Travel– I just went to Israel, and I’m actually really excited to share the experience with you. It’s going to take up about eight days, but that won’t be a problem (for me) if I actually get up the ambition, and energy, to write them. And, it might be next month because I want to actually plan them out and I’m great at planning, but not going through with said plans.
  • Reviews– I’ve done book reviews, but not product reviews. I want to do at least one. It’s just coming up with a product to review that might be problem (like the new gardening tool Mom just bought. It’s pretty handy, and I think it’d be strange to talk about, because it’s a tool…for your garden…which is exactly the kind of thing I’d actually talk about).
  • Room tour– I have tried for about two years or so to do a room tour. I’ve taken video where I talk about my room, but I never like what I say, or the quality, or I miss something. I’ve also taken pictures, but then I think, who wants to see your room, Sarah? And then I delete them. But for goodness sake, I want to do one, even if it’s just for me to remember what my room looked like.
  • DIYMFA prompts– I was in the middle of doing a series of blog posts based on some prompts from DIYMFA and I stopped to do my other ideas. I want to finish those as well.

There’s more. There’s lots more that I want to do on here. If only just once. You know what’s not listed here? DIYs. I did a DIY once, kind of, sort of. So that’s checked off of my blog post to-write list.

I’m interested in knowing what you’re interested in. Comment below and tell me something you’d like to read about here. I’m open to suggestions.

Alright dear reader, I’m headed off. I’ll talk to you again soon, I hope.

And always remember to explore your boundaries.

6 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Rambling Sarah

  1. Hazel @ Places and Peonies says:

    I use some of my blogs as an archive. When I started my first blog in 2011 I use to do “bits of my weekend” with pictures included. Now I do “weekly recaps” and it’s probably the only posts I really write there lmao. But I like doing recaps. Cause I like looking back on them in later years.

    I also like doing goal lists! I do product reviews but I haven’t done one that I’m really excited to do. I keep trying to but I get lazy or the sun isn’t out for me to take photos.

    I did YouTube on and off since 2008 and I’m just off now (even though my bf keeps asking when his fav YouTuber will upload again). As much as I loved it 10 years ago I feel like the scene is much different now and I feel a little left behind. Plus my ex deleted my video editor off my MacBook so I have nothing to edit with. Sigh.

    I need to redo my room and I keep telling myself I will but my damn OCD keeps stopping me. Ah. I’m hoping by the end of this month I can have everything organized and give it a really good vacuuming!

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    • Sarah D'Anne says:

      I used to do that (recaps) but I never did anything TO recap 😝. So now, if something exciting happens, I’ll recap it, but it’s been a while since something has happened.

      I like goal lists, but they’re more yearly than they are monthly. I find that I get them done sooner than if they were monthly.

      YouTube was fun for awhile but I totally agree with you about the scene being different. It’s like, now it’d be harder to get noticed. If I were to upload any videos now, it’d be because I wanted to, not for numbers or to be seen.

      I don’t get overwhelmed easily so much anymore, but that room of mine would have kept me from even going downstairs (which is where my room is). But I broke my room down into sections and did as much as I could handle. A little bit is more than nothing at all. I believe in you, girl! I know to can do it 😁!

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      • Hazel @ Places and Peonies says:

        My recaps depend on my photos I take and some weeks… I don’t have any photos and I’m like damn… I didn’t do ANYTHING this week?! lol finding things to recap is hard sometimes!

        As for YouTube yeah, it sucks. Like even making friends on there seems really hard cause it feels like everyone’s just out for numbers. What happened to connecting and enjoying other peoples content?!

        And you’re right, a little bit IS better than nothing! I tend to have a problem with looking at the bigger picture and just seeing FAIL everywhere. One step at a time. As long as I take that one step and another one step before I know it it’ll be more organized than before… it’s just taking that step!

        Tomorrow! I will definitely start tomorrow! 🙂

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      • Sarah D'Anne says:

        See, I don’t take a lot of pictures, so I’m right there with you on that.

        YouTube is a strange creature. No one collaborates anymore (only “big” tubers). And your right, I think they’re only or for numbers. I just can’t justify making videos anymore. Although, a friend of mine had requested one, so I’ll probably do one just for him.

        Steps area hard to take. Just ask a baby 😝. Haha, I’m kidding. Just one step a day and you’ll be done before you realize it. I believe in you!

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    • Sarah D'Anne says:

      Wonderful! I honestly can’t wait to write about it. I’ll let you know when I post them. It’s probably going to be a series because I was there for eight days and they were packed.


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