National Stationary Week


Happy National Stationary Week! I had been wanting to write a post about my favorite writing utensils and such, so I thought this would be the perfect time!

As a writer, the things we use to get our thoughts down onto a piece of paper, a physical piece of paper, is very important. It was to have the right weight, the right feel, and of course, the right flow of ink. It has to be smooth, not scratchy, and of course, we have to be able to see what we’re writing.

I personally prefer writing with a physical pen/gel pen/pencil, on actual paper. It’s easier, and it’s less distracting. And it’s more fun. As much as I love to type, I love writing more.

Are you ready to dive into this writer’s stationary world? Well, off we go!



PaperMate (1949)

My favorite brand of any writing utensil is PaperMate. Their ink is flawless, and I hardly ever have a problem with the pens running out (expect one, and that was a light blue pen, pictured below. But then I got another one, and everything is great). These are some of my favorite PaperMate pens.


PaperMake InkJoy. As you can see, these in the picture are gel, but they make actual pens as well (which I have, but didn’t think to include them). These gel pens are smooth, and, as you can see, they don’t smudge. Even the yellow stands out!


PaperMake Profile Elite. If you want a smooth pen that’s not gel, get these! The colors are so dark and noticeable. Although, as you can see, they do smudge (a little). I break these out on special occasions, because I don’t have a second set, so I can’t use these up (you understand).


The PaperMate Profile is one step below the Elite, because they’re not as smooth (see how, in some letters, the ink “skips”?). It’s still smooth, and better to write with than a pen with “regular pen ink.”

BiC (1950’s)

My second favorite brand of pen is BiC. I pretty much grew up with this brand, and it got me through the beginning years of my writing. It’s a good starting out pen. Let’s those youngin’s know the struggle.


Here is the BiC Soft Grip and the BiC Gel Pen. This gel pen was my first gel pen, and yo, I still love it. Yes, it smudges, but I don’t care. I have a soft spot for it. Anyway, the Soft Grip is your typical, classic pen. It’s nice to go back to the basics every now and again. It’s simple, you know? None of this fancy, gel ink that may or may not smudge.

Pilot (1918, Tokyo/1972, US)

So, I love to watch Project Runway. I know absolutely nothing about fashion, and every garment I like the judges do not, and vice versa. Does that make me stop watching. Nope! I love watching them create something out of nothing (I also like to see if I’m getting better at seeing what the judges see. One week I do, one week I don’t.)


Pilot Frixion. This past season, I noticed that the designers were using an erasable pen. “Erasable” and “pen” caught my attention, naturally, so I went out and got a pack. They’re not terrible to write with. But, as you can see, some pens erase better than others (some pens you can’t even see what they erase). For example, the “e” with the purple pen. If you don’t mind it, they’re great for writing something that no one else has to see. And, as a side note, don’t expose the pens to extreme temperatures. The ink will disappear are 140°. But you can always put them in the freezer to restore them. I’d read the comments on Amazon to get a better understanding of what I mean.

Other than these pens, I don’t really write with Pilot pens.

Uni-ball (1966)/Sharpie (1964)


Again, I don’t use too many Uni-ball pens. Signo is kind of scratchy, but I do like to use it for a short amount of time, or when I’m writing something that I don’t really “care” about (thought I do care about all of my writing projects, some I care about…less?).

As for the Sharpie Pen, well, as you can see, I had to go over what I wrote. It’s not easy to write with, I just thought I’d show it off since it is in my stationary bag.

American Crafts (1994)

I found these in a store, and I believe the packaging said it was good for journaling, so I thought I’d give them a try.



I’m really good at drawing lines, as you can tell, but those lines represent the number on each pen (I guess the width of each point). The Precision Pen actually writes more like a marker than a pen. I don’t use them too much, to be honest. I think they bleed. But I do like the fact that they are different sizes.


PaperMate/Ticonderoga (1795)


If I use a pencil, it’s either a PaperMate mechanical pencil (duh) or, my personal favorite (more favorite than PaperMate? Yep!) the OG of all pencils. The beautiful, Dixon #2 Ticonderoga. One time, a friend of mine got me a “bouquet” of these, but in black. I still have them. I love her. She knows me too well.


This one is a bit tricky. I’m picky about what kind of paper I use, but only in spiral bound notebooks. Most of the paper I find in other notebooks is fine to use. But, let’s have a look below.


This picture is of two different notebook types of paper. On the left, you see that the paper is more yellow, and the width of the space between two lines in smaller than that on the right side.


The left side is the “college ruled” paper, while the paper on the right hand side is, say it with me, the “wide ruled” paper. I prefer the wide ruled paper.


As far as notebooks, I have too many, and I’m not that picky. Normally, I don’t like composition notebooks, because back in the day, those bad boys would fall apart as soon as you opened them. But these days, I don’t find that happening as much. Plus, some are plastic, and not cardboard, which makes a big difference.

I love notebooks! I don’t use them, I just stuff them up on a shelf, or in my crate in my closet, and I reach for the nearest spiral bound notebook. But they’re pretty to look at (and look! This one even has a pocket to put all of my notes and stuff in).


I hope you enjoyed my stationary post! I definitely enjoyed taking the pictures and writing about all of it. I know I didn’t include highlighters or Post-It notes, or stuff like that, and that’s pretty much because I don’t have any favorites. I also wanted to include things I used on a daily basis.

What are your favorite types of stationary? Tell me in the comment section below or. If you have a post about your favorite stationary, I’d love to read it!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you later!


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    • Sarah D'Anne says:

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I believe I started with Bic, but once I explored other options, I stuck with PaperMate. They’ve got some really smooth ink pens (Profile, Profile Elite, even the non-gel Ink Joy).

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