First Impression- MailChimp

 Hello, and welcome to my first, First Impression of the new year!  Today, we will be learning about MailChimp.  I’ve heard this site being thrown around by quite a few bloggers, so I thought I’d look into it.  Are you ready? It's a long one!   What is Mailchimp? Mailchimp is a site that allows … Continue reading First Impression- MailChimp


First Impression: Bloglovin’

Hello dear reader! I’m so excited that I’m finally getting around to writing this post! Today, I’m going to write a new first impression post on Bloglovin'! I discovered this site through the majority of my blogger friends on Twitter. So, even though a lot of people already know about it, I thought I’d write … Continue reading First Impression: Bloglovin’

First Impression: Influenster

I asked my beautiful blogger friends on Twitter what sites/apps they use to get sponsored posts for their blog.  My friend Michelle (link goes to her blog) suggested Collabor8 and Influenster.  Since I have an Android phone, I can't download Collabor8 (yet) so I went with Influenster.  I decided to help out others who are thinking about … Continue reading First Impression: Influenster