Find A Need And Fight For It

Justice. I love to fight for justice. Injustice fuels a passion inside of me, that I just don’t know what to do with. I try to be a voice for people who don’t think that their voice matters (I guess this is why my storytelling super power is The Disruptor). Which is why I had a two hour conversation with my new boss about everything that the employees have complained about.

The problem comes when nothing is done about the injustice.

Don’t you SEE what’s going on? I know you do, I explained it to you. What are you doing? Why aren’t you taking care of it?

This tosses back and forth inside of my brain as I sit back and fold my arms, and watch the injustice pursue.

It’s all in their hands. If this continues, that’s on them.

All I can do is say, “I told you so,” when things blow up in their face. I would never say that, not out loud at least. I’d shrug and move on, knowing that they already knew, and they have to live with it. They have to watch as some good workers lose their ambition, while others quit, knowing that this could have all been avoided.

I’ve always been for justice. My mother instilled this in me with her passionate speeches on why slavery and needless killings of innocent people are wrong. There’s such things as common sense, discernment between right and wrong, thinking about the future consequences (both good and bad) of your present actions, and weighing the outcomes.

Yes, my mother taught me these things based on the foundation of the Bible, but she applied her teachings to the world’s view as well. Yes, I am a believer in Jesus, but I would gladly stand up for a non-believer if a believer’s thoughts and view points were skewed and not based on Biblical principles. If you call yourself a believer, I will hold you to a different standard, because you may be in this world, but you are not of this world.

This leads me to where I am today.

I’m 27 years old, and I’m tired of working in a deli. I want to do something. Resting in Jesus’ love is the one thing that is needful, and I’ve been doing that for the past eleven years, and I will continue to do that. But, and I hate to put a but where God is involved, unless I write But God… But, I’m tired. And my tiredness is actually more passion than it is anger. I don’t get angry. Frustrated? Yes. Passionate? Absolutely. But angry? Not so much. If I do get angry, I ask myself, “Can you let it go? If not, can you convert it into something else?”

Let me teach you something about Biblical rest. Rest is not inactivity, rest is directed activity (thank you Joseph Prince). When you Biblically rest in Jesus, you put all of your trust in the fact that He will direct your steps. So when I say I want to do something, I’m saying I want to actively do something, knowing He will direct me.

There’s also this picture of Mary, Martha’s sister. Jesus says, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” (Luke 10:41&42)

Sometimes Jesus will direct your feet, and other times, He’ll direct you to His feet.

And sometimes, I go off on tangents that are Holy Spirit directed.

Justice. We were talking about justice.

I want to be a voice for the people. I want to be their voice. I want to know what is really an issue, what the media won’t talk about, or what they’re getting wrong. I want to help!

For the past few months I’ve been quite active on Twitter. What I love about Twitter is the fact that I have discovered something I knew nothing about. Or at least, I didn’t know it was an issue: mental health. I had no idea that I had gone through so much that pertained to my own mental health, and seeing all of these people talk about their own MH, and the fact that it’s not being talked about enough, or it’s getting a bad rep, or no rep at all, is quite discouraging.

To some, MH may not be that big of a deal because they think that their MH is fine, while others who talk about MH are the ones who have it bad. Honestly, that thought process is not very healthy mentally.

Every summer, I start writing a new book (or so it seems). This summer, I decided to focus on an idea I’ve had for years. It’s kind of sci-fi, kind of YA, kind of Maze Runner-ish (I love the movies). I don’t do sci-fi, so fingers crossed I actually stick to it. But anyway. As I was going through the theme of the book (anything that revolves around the mind), I realized something. This could be a great way to get mental health out to the public! I love teaching people things. I’m a helper, but I love to teach as well, so this is a win-win.

Now, I’m not saying my book is going to be a NY Times best seller or anything, but if one person reads it and learns something, I have succeeded in my job.

But, you know, sometimes you doubt yourself.

You might be so excited to do something, but, thoughts get in your way. Is it worth it? Does it matter? Is this the right thing to do?

Then, you have an experience. A small one, a big one, a life, and mind altering one nonetheless.

I follow this guy on Twitter named Zachary Levi. You might know him from Chuck, or Less Than Perfect. Or, Disney fans, he’s the voice of Finn in Tangled. Anyway, he does a lot of interacting with his followers, and I love reading his responses to peoples’ questions.

So, one day, I saw this tweet from someone who needed some advice for someone who doesn’t know what to do with their life (career wise).

Dear reader, Zach’s advice stunned me. Like, in the snap of a finger, my heart jumped and tears brimmed. Was it intellectual? Did he use grandiose words that made you hold your head because you were getting a headache from all of the heavy truth he was putting down?

No. But it did something to my Spirit. And that’s all that matters.

Find a need in the world, and work to fill it.

Like, seriously?

Sometimes you forget, you know? But it’s ok to forget, because I believe that forgetting, then being reminded makes you remember stronger.

This is what I do. I find a need, and I try to fill it. I don’t always fill it the way I want to, but I try. I do whatever I can to fill it more than it already is.

And that is what I plan to keep doing.

Find a need in the world, and work to fill it. It may or may not be what you want to do full time. But you can figure that out as you go, and you’ll be serving a greater purpose along the way.

-Zachary Levi

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