Hi!  My name is Sarah, and below is a list of the best ways to get in touch with me.

E-mail: This is the quickest way to reach me, because I check it all throughout the day.

Google+: This is where I share everything.  I am on here 80% of my internet time.  You can find this information at the bottom of every blog post (which is automatically sent to my G+ stream once a post is published).

Twitter: I absolutely love Twitter, and I spend the other 20% of my internet time on here.  I tweet a lot during my favorite t.v. shows (Supernatural and The Walking Dead mostly), and definitely football games.

Tumblr: You can follow me here, but it’s the same thing as this blog because I send all of my blog posts on here to also be published over there.  But I’ll give it to you anyway, because I can.

DeviantArt: I do have an account, but I’m hardly ever on it.  I’m only posting it here because you may be interested in it.

If you have any additional websites you want to know if I’m on, you know where to reach me.
If you decide to add me on G+, Twitter, or DA, let me know how you found me (“I read your blog” is acceptable), and I’ll be sure to circle/follow you back.

Thanks for reading!


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