Other Editors

Here is a list of other editors, categorized under the type of editor you may want to use at certain stages of your writing.

Content Editing– This is the first level.  You may want to hire this kind of editor after you have written a rough draft of your work (and have gone over it once or twice). Below are the list of these kinds of editors:
  • Alex McGilvery

I can personally say that Alex is an excellent content editor.  He edited my short story, Taste of You, which almost went through to the second round of a competition (it was a mistake on my part that made this not happen).

“…I will edit pretty near anything. I’m not above researching the genre requirements if I’m a little rusty. “

Alex will do a test edit of the first 5k words so you know how he works.

His website is: http://celticfrogediting.com

  • R.J. Blain

R.J. is a dear friend of mine (she named the blog).  We’ve known each other for quite some time over on +Google.  She is a very passionate writer, who edits on the side.  At this time, she is limiting contracts and will be picky about who she works with.

R.J. edits fantasy and science fiction.

Here website is: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+RJBlain-Author/about

Line Editing– This is the second level.  You may want to hire this kind of editor after a content editor has gone through your writing.
Copy Editing– This is the third level.  You may want to hire this kind of editor when everything else has been edited.  Before you send off your work/publish it, hire this editor first.
  • Karen S. Conlin

Karen is much loved over on Google+.  She’s the jock of the copy editing world.  The kid everyone wants to be friends with.

“I provide everything UP TO developmental edits. Proofreading, copy editing, line editing, substantive editing.”

She WILL NOT edit romance or erotica (nor will she read them).

Her website is: http://grammargeddon.com

  • David Burton

David is happy to work on all projects, with all writers.

He, like Alex, will edit a 1k free sample, to see if he is the right editor for you.

His website is: http://economyedits.com


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