Formal Admission Day

Some of my favorite adventures in life are the ones that belong under the category, I did it once, I never have to do it again.  If I did it once, I can mark it off my Bucket List.  And, I don’t have the agony of waiting until an appointed time, or until I gain a certain amount of money, to do the thing again.

We got to cross of one the things on our (combined) Bucket List: go to a Presidential inauguration.

Mother was blessed enough to get two free tickets for the inauguration, so we decided take the leap and go on an adventure.

We drove to D.C. and rode the subway/train.  It was very easy to understand, and fun to ride (like the underground in England).  It wasn’t that packed, maybe towards the end of our trip, but it was still pleasant.

There were a lot of people, which made me happy.  Even the protesters, the ones who booed him and yelled while he was making his speech made the time entertaining.  I enjoyed it.

Before it was over, Mom and I booked it (to beat the crowed), and hoped back on the subway to head to the zoo.  It was a nice zoo, for being free.  It was a colder day, as you can see in the picture, but we dressed accordingly (something you become quite good at, living up North).

Overall, it was a very eventful day.  We have the pictures, and the memories, and that’s really all that we need.


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