Through Hail And Back

Sometimes, Mom makes spontaneous trips.  This time, she decided that we were going to go hiking.

It was fun.  We got to see a stream, and a field that reminded us of Twilight.  We saw a random shack that made for some pretty cool ominous black and white pictures.  Then we came to the Roanoke River, and walked along that for a while.  We’re definitely going back, there’s still so much more to see.

On our way back, we stopped at the visitor center.  We were in the middle of watching a movie about Virginia, when the electricity went out.  No big deal, it was just a major rain storm passing through.  It will be gone in a minute.

Nope. Hail.  Hail the size of dimes came raining from the sky.

Once it stopped, Mom and I left and headed for the car.  But, you know, since the storm was moving, why don’t we go walk on another trail?

We walked around an old church, took pictures of the hail and the mist/fog stuff, and then we left.

Until, we couldn’t.  There was a tree in the road, so we had to wait for someone to move it before we could get home.  It didn’t take that long, maybe ten, fifteen minutes.  Got some cool Walking Dead-esq pictures.

So, that was our little adventure for the week.  Can’t wait to see what our next one will be!

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