Save The Caterpillars

Last year, we found the cocoon of a Luna moth on our Jade plant, with the Luna moth in it.  This year, I found one that the cats had injured.  I put it on the Jade plant so it could have a safe place to die, away from the cats.  The next morning, we found eggs.  That Luna moth laid eggs.  And then, teeny tiny caterpillars, about forty of them, hatched and roamed about the plant.  They were probably half the size of my pinky nail.

Since Jade plants are not a food source for them, we found out what was, and gathered about thirty-nine of them and put them on two trees at the front of our house.  It was so fun to watch them.  Some would climb up to the nearest leaf, and some would keep going.

And then it rained.  We hope none of the caterpillars got washed away.  I don’t know how they survive what they do.  Poor little things.

We look forward to seeing if any of them made it.  It would be cool if they came back and made a cocoon on our Jade plant again.


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