Hope For A Cure

One of the people at our church, Heather, put on a charity event for cancer.  Mom and I, and other church volunteers, helped with setting it up.  Our worship band came and played for everyone too.  It was funny, not a lot of people were too in to the other bands, but as soon as our band came on…well, the people from the church were hype (kind of).  We have a really great band.

Later the night, Mom and I directed runners, and stopped traffic.  Some people just did not want to stop!  We had orange flags and glow stick headbands.  They could clearly see us.  But no, people are dumb and don’t want to obey the rules.

It was a good turnout.  I enjoyed walking around and watching people.  It rained.  Not for long, but still.  What is it with us and rain?

Well, that was it for my week.  I’ll talk to you guys next time.  Bye!

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