Get On Outta Here!

I cannot wait until Monday!  I get to go on vacation with a friend of mine from college/Tennessee!  And two other girls, possibly.  I don’t care, I’m gettin’ on outta hea!  Five days of nothing but awesome.

Shasta got snipped this week.  Poor baby.  But he did fine when we brought him home.  It didn’t seem to affect him, which is wonderful.

I just found out that my short story, Taste of You, was one point short of being in the top 100 in the short story competition I entered it in.  My fault, I forgot to add one last thing.  But they thought my story was good!  Which is awesome!  I’m going to try and get it out before I leave.  The cover is almost done, just the formatting now.

Well, I’m off.  Talk to you guys next week!

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