Vacation Is Over

On Monday, Ciara, whom I met in Tennessee when I went to college for audio production (she was also going to school for ap), picked me up in Roanoke and for the next four hours, all we did was laugh.  We caught each other up from where we left off, and then we laughed and sang.

Tuesday was sightseeing day.  The Washington Monument, the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, an ambulance…

Oh yea, Ciara fainted in the Lincoln Memorial bookshop.  Poor girl.  It was most likely from dehydration and lack of food.  Well, she had more to eat than I did, but anyway…  After that we headed back to the car, then off to get some food.

On Wednesday, it was the Air and Space Museum first.  Her family is big in aeronautics, and her grandfather was a pilot, so she had a lot of fun in there.  I took lots of pictures.  Too many in fact.  All I could think was, this is so steam punk.  Hashtag the mind of a writer.

Then the concert.  I had to run back to the car because I had too good of a camera, so I didn’t take any pictures.  That’s fine though, I have the memory.

The opening act (T Mills?) was terrible.  First, he swore way too much.  And it was an all ages show.  Now, I understand that the kids have most likely heard worse at home.  But, what if they don’t?  Also, the high frequencies were piercing, the snare was way too hot, and his vocals were muddy.  Hashtag the mind of an audio production student.  We had fun critiquing the sound.

But Rixton (“Me And My Broken Heart”) was awesome.  The sound quality was perfect, so I was able to enjoy them.  They were very entertaining, and they acted like they had been performing for years.  I enjoyed them a lot, and would love to see them again.

And then Thursday.  Ciara got a text from someone at work saying someone got fired and she needed to work on Friday.  So we got up, got a cupcake, and headed home.  Mom picked me up at 7pm, and here I am.

Pretty eventful.  I can’t wait to go back with Mom, because there’s so much more that I want to do.  I’m glad I’m home though, and I have a day off before I go back to work (on Saturday).

We have a new kitten.  His name is Charlie.  Mama and her two kittens are coming, and sticking around.  I’m glad they didn’t get hurt.

That’s it for now.  Talk to you guys next week.

Good night, good morning, good everything!


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