Ask Sarah: Part 1

This is different.  Hi guys, and welcome to my first Ask Sarah blog post!  I made the mistake of not giving people an early head’s up, but at least I got something.  Thank you to the people who asked their questions.  Now, it’s time for me to answer them.


David Burton: Which novel (written by somebody else) would you most love to have written, and why?

Well, let’s see, have I actually read any novels?  That was a joke.

Twilight.  I wouldn’t be in the financial situation I’m in now.

Ok, I would so not want to write Twilight.  I don’t do romance.

I would have to say Animal Farm by George Orwell.  It’s a pretty edgy tale.  It’s cryptic and symbolic, and I love symbolism.  It basically shows how stupid people are, by using talking animals.  That’s my kind of book.

I also love the Narnia series.  Man I wish I could do fantasy like Lewis could.  Also, symbolism.


Randomrob1968: Favorite film or tv audio production?

When I went to college for audio production, I had to take a scene from a movie and add in every sound effect, the music, even the dialogue.  I chose Spider Man with Tobey Maguire, purely because there were two or thee lines of dialogue (thanks to my mother who voiced the Green Goblin).  It was pretty hard.  I have such a respect for people who do that professionally.

With that being said, I love to listen at the audio production of everything.  I’m a big fan of Supernatural, and I noticed that when the show started, they pretty much used the same five sound effects for everything.

To answer the question though, I’m not sure I have a favorite.  I can tell you some I like though.  For example, The Walking Dead.  Michonne’s katana, all the gun shots, head ripping, blood gushing.  It’s beautiful.

Transformers.  Maybe this one is a little more visual, but I still love the sound of the transformations.  Plus, the Autobots and the Decepticons each have a distinct sound, and if those sounds aren’t exactly spot on, it ruins the “continuous dream” (John Gardner would be pleased).


Aaron Wood: What’s the most frustrating (or just annoying) (if any) part of the writing process for you?

The writing part.

Don’t get me wrong, I love to write.  I just don’t love it as much as planning (and I dislike planning) and editing.  But without the writing, I would have nothing to edit.  I have a healthy respect for the writing part.  I just suck at it.  I don’t really know if I’m a good writer, but that has never stopped me.  I’m also not good at talking, but I still do that, on occasion.


Aki Tora: Any phobias?

Phobia: an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something

I have an irrational fear of emergency exit doors.  I know, I know, leave me alone.  I will not go out of one unless I see someone else go out of it first.

In school, I could not stand next to the emergency levers on the wall because I was afraid of my hood getting caught on it, and I would pull it and the alarm would go off and I’d get in trouble.  Same with doors.  I don’t want to walk out of one and have the alarms go off.  I can’t sit next to them on a bus or a plain either.  Same deal, my jacket or shirt would get caught and the door would fly open and I’d fall out and die.

Snakes?  I have one.  Spiders?  If I know it’s not dangerous, I’m good.  The dark?  No big deal.

Emergency exit doors?  No thank you.

*cue the Twilight Zone Flight At 20,000 Feet episode*


Thanks for coming by!  I hope you enjoyed it.  I did, these were great questions.  Next time, I’ll tell you guys earlier when I’m doing this again so I can get more questions.  Until then, have a great week, and I’ll talk to you next Friday.  Bye!

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