It’s Official!

I’m getting married!  No I’m not!

No, but I did get the key holder position at work (one above associate, one below assistant manager).

Day 1:

“Teach her how to close,” Manager told Neighbor.  But I didn’t get to learn because…

“Get out of the store!” Neighbor yelled.  I thought he was chasing someone out.  Ooooo, someone is stealing.

“I need everyone to get out of the store!  There is a gas leak!”

We closed an hour early, and we didn’t stay in there any longer than we had to.  So, I didn’t learn anything there.

Day 2:

I don’t remember anything happening on day two.  All I know is that it was supposed to be my day off and Manager taught me how to do stuff.  Then I left early.

Day 3:

I learned how to open the store, and the manager left me for an hour.  Here’s what happened in that hour:

  • Every one went on break, so I was in the store alone.
  • When the other cashier came back, someone spilled milk.
  • A lady came in and asked if she could exchange some pots.  I said sure, and told her to go get the ones she wanted.
  • A guy came in and asked to be set up in the system.  He asked for the manager, and since they were gone, I told him I was next in line.  He handed me a piece of paper.  “What is this for?” I asked.  He said something I had never heard of.  “I have no idea what to do with this.”  “Then can you get me the number to someone who can?  Because you should know what to do since your next in line.”  The lady with the pots is standing behind him, the other cashier is trying to clean up the milk and check out customers, while I’m calling the manager, who is at a different store, to try to help me.  No answer.  No answer?!  What do I do now?  I thought.  I can’t go back out there without an answer.  I called Neighbor, who did answer.  He told me what to do, so I did it.  I gave the guy a number.  “I just called them, they told me it’s the store’s responsibility.”  I told Neighbor, who is still on the phone.  After a few minutes, I gave the phone over to the guy and I was now taking care of the lady with the pots, who was clearly annoyed by now.  But, at the end, when she got her pots, she was all smily and happy.  The guy got off the phone and handed it back to me.  “I’m sorry for the misunderstanding” he said.  The once rude guy had now changed his tune.  “Well,” I started, “this is my third day on the job.  No one has ever come in here with that piece of paper, and I don’t appreciate your attitude.”
  • I worked over at a different store that night, and the lady there taught me how to close.  She was awesome.  She was slow, thorough, calm.  It was a nice ending to my 11 days of working in a row.

This position, if I don’t get a handle on it, will make me crazy and hate life.

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