I Have Failed You This Week

I want to write this blog about an exciting event that has happened since last week.

But, nothing has happened.

I want to write this blog post about a great idea I had a couple of days ago.

But, I haven’t gotten one.

I want to rant about how horrible my week has been.

But, it wasn’t.

I want to tell you what wonderful things I did on my two days off.

But, I did nothing.

Honestly, I have nothing to talk about.  Except for the fact that I’m trying to clean my room.

…Yea, that’s all.

Although, I did watch Yu-Gi-Oh today.  I hadn’t watched that since… 01?  I used to come home after school, sit down in front of the t.v., and watch Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh.  I love watching those shows.  Guilty pleasure?  Yea, pretty much.  It’s a very entertaining show, and I never got to the end of it.  How does it end?  Does Yugi save his grandpa?  Does Serenity get better?  What happens to Seto?  And Pegasus?  And what is up with the “new” show?  It’s not even Yugi anymore!  Gah you stupid people who think you have to change things!

Anyway, have a great day, and I’ll talk to you next Friday.

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