Holding The Key

I posted a video a last Saturday (the 20th) about how I feel like I'm "just living."  I talked about how I go to bed, get up, go work, come home, and do that all over again.  And then I: go to a concert and volunteer, I go to the Nashville Film Festival and volunteer … Continue reading Holding The Key

Book Review: ‘Gods At War’ by Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman wrote a book called, "Not A Fan."  It was a t.v. show that Mom and I started watching before we found out it was a book.  I saw "Gods At War" in a magazine for LifeWay, and when I went over to Booksneeze and I saw that it was available, I knew I … Continue reading Book Review: ‘Gods At War’ by Kyle Idleman

Cool. Thanks God.

When I talk about things that are bothering me, they instantly don't bother me anymore.  Sometimes because I realize how stupid the problem is, and sometimes it's because in talking about the problems, I find there is a solution.  I feel better, and I find the solution to be...well, talking about it. I don't like to talk, but when … Continue reading Cool. Thanks God.