I try to help people, so much, in fact, to the point of wearing myself thin.  Why?  I hate the look people give me when I try.  Some people.  Others are open to listening, but not open to taking.  But that’s not my problem.  All I have to do is be heard.  I’ve alway been a seed planter, maybe even a waterer.  It’s frustrating because I don’t see results.

But that’s just human nature, isn’t it?  I’ve never seen anything come from planting and watering.  I don’t think anyone else is doing their part, and if they are, they aren’t doing it well.

Maybe I didn’t put the seed deep enough.  Maybe I overwatered.

What is the answer?  What is the solution?  What am doing?

What is this post all about?

Good night!  Good morning!  Good everything!

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