Mental Energy Data Carriers

Everyone uses mental energy; to think, move, talk, see, smell, taste, touch, feel emotions, react, and everything else your brain does.  But, depending on what data carrier you have, will determine how much mental energy you can use.

Think of it this way:

Mental energy=data

Personality type=date carrier

Watching a video uses more data than reading an e-mail.  I’ll use this as the basis of my explanation.  I’ll be using two contrasting personality types: the introvert, and the extrovert.

Introverts and extroverts have different carriers, which means, their data is weighed differently.  An extravert can talk to ten people and “read an e-mail”.  An introvert can talk to one person, and “watch a video”.  Out of 50GB of data, an extravert, after talking to said ten people, may not even use up 1GB.  The introvert, depending on what type of introvert, could use up 25GB.

Say I “watch too many videos” and I use up more than my 50GB of mental energy.  Now I’m at 75GB.  I get penalized for my overage.  I can become angry, irritated, annoyed, slow, tired, and sometimes, emotionally drained.  The more I go over my data, the less useful I become.

Now, let’s talk about how these carriers recharge their data.  Whatever makes us happy, comfortable, and relaxed, that is what recharges our mental energy. Some extroverts need to be around people.  That is what refreshes them.  I, on the other hand, need to be alone to replenish my data.

For the past year, an extrovert I work with has tried to get me to go to parties.  Unfortunately, she has always asked me when my data was at 100GB/50GB.  But when another friend of mine asked me to hang out with her on my day off, I had no problem.  I wasn’t bombarded with other things that would use up my mental energy, and I had enough time to set aside some data for her.

We all have the same amount of data, but not ever action is weighed the same for each person.  Going to the grocery store is what extroverts live for, yet it the bane of an introverts’ existence.

Technically, there are 16 different data carriers (personality types).  And they all weight data differently.

The first step to finding balance between all of them is understanding, and the want to do so.  Some people don’t want to understand, and some people desperately need to.

Thus creates conflict.  And that’s ok, just understand why it creates conflict.  You have more data to use up than they do.  Let them recharge, and come back later.

Good night!  Good morning!  Good everything!

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