Starting Over

My mother got fired on Wednesday morning.  I heard the woman call and leave a message, since Mom was out of the house and I was still in bed, and I knew what the call was for.

Long story short, I heard that someone wanted to get rid of my mom, and she called them out on it.  Then she got fired.

I confronted the person who, I was told, heard it from someone else.  They had a hard time telling me that they did, in fact, say something about my mother.  Sometimes, all it takes is the right question to get the information you want.

At two days, ten hours a week, it wasn’t worth Mom being there.  Sure, that two hundred dollar check was nice to have, but not at the price of stress, and knowing you’re not wanted.

I’m not even good enough for them.  I don’t know why they keep me around.  I guess it’s because I show up, actually do work, and (try to) keep my mouth shut.

Which is why I’m trying to make enough money out of the house to either:
A. Quit
B. Not rely on that job so much

That would be nice.

But for now, I have to play by the rules and put a smile on my face.  It’s fading more and more every day.

Anyway, if you haven’t noticed my multiple posts on Google+, I am now offering my editing services.  Need a copy editor?  Click on the page above for more information.

Alright, talk to you guys next week.

Good night!  Good morning!  Good everything!

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