The Talk Of Money, Talks

The public’s opinion of you changes based on how much money you have, or make.


I don’t like to talk about how much money I need, or have, or what’s happening because of my lack of money.  It’s no one’s business, and it shouldn’t matter.  But, in order for someone I just talked to, to understand why I’m not happy about my current situation, I had to talk about money.

Why can’t, “I’m not happy,” be an acceptable reason for me being upset?

“I’m upset.”


“Because I’m not happy.”

“Why aren’t you happy?”

“Well, because things are going on, and they aren’t ideal.”

“What’s going on?”

Does it matter?  Really?

Apparently, it does.  “I’m not in an ideal situation,” should be good enough for me being sad.

I once read on Google+, someone posted, “‘I have a case of the sad’ should be an acceptable reason for calling out of work.”  And I definitely agree.  No questions asked, just, I’m not feeling at my best today.

After my outburst of, “Our electricity almost got turned off,” the person felt like my feelings were justified.

That’s been happening a lot lately.  I don’t feel like the way I feel is justified.

Which makes me not want to feel anything at all.

Welcome to real life.  It sucks.  Hard.

(But you knew that already, didn’t you?)

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