Published Again!

My publication journey started back in middle school.  I was fortunate enough to have a poem published in a book along with hundreds of others from kids around the United States.

Well, it’s happened again, my friends.

Back in April, I received a strange email.  The sender told me that they worked for a publishing company, and that they found my website (this here blog) and wanted to know if I was interested in submitting something to a new book they had coming out.

Alright, Imma be honest wit chu, I thought this was a joke.  Really?  A publishing company took one look at my blog and thought, “Hey!  We like this!  They should submit something!”  Nah, man.  I wasn’t sold.

Until, of course, I took a closer look and realized, this was legit.  Like, really legit.

So, of course I replied and said that I was interested.

It took me a month to figure out what I wanted to submit.  Thankfully I had a limit of ten pieces of writing, so I was able to give them a wide variety of choices.  But you know what I noticed?  I suck at writing.  Everything I wanted to submit, sucked.  I mean, I might have a good paragraph here and there, but picking out almost 2,500 words of good writing was difficult.  It was very discouraging.  That’s why it took me so long with come up with something.  It made me sad.

But, I did it anyway.  No, I didn’t always choose the maximum amount of words that I was allowed, but I wanted to give them enough for it to be worth it.  If I had my way, I would have only selected 100 words, because that’s all that I thought was good enough.  I hit “Submit” and went about my business, hoping for the best.

“Your Submission Decision” was the title of that long awaited email.  “Hello Sarah, we at Z Publishing House would like to co…”  was the preview.  That “co” did not register in my brain as “congratulate,” but that’s exactly what it said.  They wanted to congratulate me on having my writing accepted into their book.  I was going to be a published author!  Again!  In another actual book!

The piece that was accepted is called, “The Butcher,” and it was by far my favorite piece that I submitted.  “The Butcher” is actually part of the first chapter of a book I wrote during NaNoWriMo a few years ago.  I think about that book all the time, and I absolutely love what I have written so far.

Not only am I going to be published in a book, but something else happened.  I started to wonder if that’s the first book I should publish.  I mean, out of the other pieces of writing that I picked, most of which were from half finished books, this one was chosen.  I think that means something.


Shameless Plug Time!

*Both links are affiliate links*

So, here’s where I tell you about the book.

It’s called, “Virginia’s Emerging Writers: An Anthology.”  All pieces of writing are from writers across Virginia (mine’s toward the end, but at least it’s in there).  Funny thing, my poem in the other book was at the end, too.  I guess they saved the best for last…haha.

They also have books from other states (but not all of the other states).  Here’s a link to their store.  The book is on pre-sale right now, so it won’t show up in their store (yet).  It’s set to be published on September 16th.


In conclusion, I learned three things during this process:

  1. Not all sketchy sounding emails are sketchy.
  2. Never be afraid to put yourself out there.  You never know when you might get a “Yes”.
  3. Maybe I don’t suck at writing.


Thank you for reading!  Talk to you soon!


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