Hay Bales And A Bag

Every year, the owners of a field near my work put up hay bales and enter their creations in a contest.  One year, they did a cow; then, they did a Christmas tree.  This year, they did The Wizard of Oz. And, I sewed a thing!  Took me a few dozen tries, but it holds … Continue reading Hay Bales And A Bag

Is That A Scale On My Arm?

I never told you I got bit!  This was back in April.  Yeah, I picked this guy up to save him, and he just chomped down on my thumb.  It didn't hurt, really.  His tiny teeth reminded me of one of those black clips that you clip on papers (the ones with the two things … Continue reading Is That A Scale On My Arm?

Dawn Of The Second Day: 48 Hours Remain

"Sarah, what happened to the first day?" Well, technically, this is the second day, because tomorrow would be the final 24 hours before NaNoWriMo starts, and if you get the reference, then you'll...get the reference and understand what I mean. Anway! Lots has happened, actually.  Mom and I went on a bridge, we put a … Continue reading Dawn Of The Second Day: 48 Hours Remain