Rain Check

"Hey Sarah, it's Bill.  It's been a couple weeks, hopefully you've calmed down by now." "Hey Sarah, it's your dad.  You don't want to talk to me?" These are the two messages I got from my dad after our last phone call.  Both times I was at work, but that's not the point.  At least … Continue reading Rain Check

Doing Better?

I'm very happy that I have a day off.  Awhile ago, I formatted one of my friend's e-books, and she was awesome and sent me two movie tickets to any movie of my choosing.  I took my mother out and used those on Pitch Perfect 2.  It was ok.  There were some good parts, but … Continue reading Doing Better?

The Fault In Her Connection

Grandma fell on Monday.  She said she was expecting it.  Well, it has been a couple of weeks.  It seems her pattern is either Monday or Tuesday in the early morning.  Well, that’s just what we know. You know, I didn’t think I’d have this much of a connection with her.  I am genuinely scared.  … Continue reading The Fault In Her Connection