Mom and I had a very busy Thursday.  Mom finalized what she needed to for her new job, we ate at a new restaurant, and, we got new tattoos. Shalom (hebrew)-peace Pisteuo (greek)-believe I have "Believe" everywhere in my house; in front of the t.v., a Christmas ornament, and something else that I painted.  It's … Continue reading Shalom/Pisteuo

My Own Zelda Lifestyle

(This blog post is inspired by this article) And that's not all!  Like I said, I'm missing my Skyward Sword poster (that I just found).  I also have Hyrule Historia, toys of Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf.  I have a sweat band, the Ocarina of Time soundtrack, and of course, Twilight Symphony.  I also have two … Continue reading My Own Zelda Lifestyle