SCRIBEdelivery- April

Hello! I know this post is a little late, but I have been swamped with loads of morning till night adulting. But here I am! And here is my latest SCRIBEdelivery!   This is an Exacompta Journal. I got another one like this back in January. This one doesn't have tear-off corners, and it's lined … Continue reading SCRIBEdelivery- April

SCRIBEdelivery- February

Previous SCRIBEdelivery reviews: SeptemberOctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary  Hello again! It's time for my monthly review of SCRIBEdelivery, the stationary lover's dream.  This month's delivery was a little smaller and a little simpler than others.  First we have Write Notepads Paper Notebooks. They're small, with 80 pages. If you go to their site, you can see that they also come with rings, and they … Continue reading SCRIBEdelivery- February

The Color War Of 2016: A Melting Crayon DIY

I did this back in February.  I'm surprised I never mentioned it. So I saw this thing on Pinterest where you hold a hair dryer up to crayons to make them melt and you can splatter the wax all over the place, mainly on your hands, but sometimes, on paper. Mom and I attempted it. … Continue reading The Color War Of 2016: A Melting Crayon DIY

Red- The Color Of Death And Life

I volunteered at a concert on Thursday.  I sold merchandise for a band called Red (they're a heavy rock, Christian band).  I've been following them since their first album, and I've sold merchandise for them once before, which I totally forgot about at the time. It was fun to talk to their merchandise manager.  He … Continue reading Red- The Color Of Death And Life

Blue Breakthrough

I think I finally know how/where to start with Blue Uncertainty.  Also, if it goes well enough, I might have a rainbow of books.  Red Visions, Purple Thoughts, Green Words.  Those aren't the real titles, I'm just throwing stuff out there. We'll see what happens.  I'm trying something new, again.  Hopefully it works out and … Continue reading Blue Breakthrough