Sarah D’Anne’s Origin Story

I know I have shared this story before, but it never hurts to revisit it. I descibe my journey by saying, "I wrote something, Mom liked it, so I became a writer." And for the most part, this is true. But let me go back a little farther. I was an only child to a … Continue reading Sarah D’Anne’s Origin Story

Ideas (And Roads) Are Paved With Good Intentions

I don't feel like it's a new year.  I really don't.  I have to tell myself that last night was New Year's Eve.  It seems like a few other people feel this way too.  It's like no one cares.  It's like today was just like any other day.  No, 'New year, new me," feeling. But … Continue reading Ideas (And Roads) Are Paved With Good Intentions

Blue Breakthrough

I think I finally know how/where to start with Blue Uncertainty.  Also, if it goes well enough, I might have a rainbow of books.  Red Visions, Purple Thoughts, Green Words.  Those aren't the real titles, I'm just throwing stuff out there. We'll see what happens.  I'm trying something new, again.  Hopefully it works out and … Continue reading Blue Breakthrough

“How’s That Bucket List Coming Along?”

I just told my friends over on Google+ that I have a bucket list.  Can you call it a bucket list for a 22-year-old?  I believe you can, there still may not be a tomorrow for someone so young. Anyway, yes, I mentioned that I have a bucket list.  And wonderful Mrs. Leslie Richards over here … Continue reading “How’s That Bucket List Coming Along?”