Music, Painting, And Horses

Our Church's new worship album came out!  Oh my goodness, it is SO beautiful!  To think, we were a part of it, and we didn't really enjoy the experience.  It's still so beautiful!  And I loved the decorations the volunteers put up. Aside from that, Mom and I painted plates.  I had done it before, years ago, … Continue reading Music, Painting, And Horses

Moar Paint

Mom and I did another painting.  This time, it wasn't Bob Ross, although I did find myself using the same techniques.  Seriously, they look the same, especially the trees. Other than that, my life has consisted of work.  I put up two posters in my room, my chalkboard, and my whiteboard.  And I put up … Continue reading Moar Paint

I’m Thankful For Potato Chips And Cottage Cheese

Because that's what I had for Thanksgiving. Mom and I aren't big meal people.  We didn't do anything but watch t.v. and lay in bed.  Happy Thanksgiving! I painted another Bob Ross painting (I promise, next week I'll show you guys).  My mother decided to join me this time.  We had to do mountains, and … Continue reading I’m Thankful For Potato Chips And Cottage Cheese