Code Orange, Growing Church, And Omg, What Did I Do?

First thing’s first: Mom and I finally saw Pastor Steven at the home church last Saturday (third time’s the charm, right?)  It was a great message.  I loved the chill vibe he was giving off.  Saturday service is awesome.

This month, my church’s second campus opened!  Second campus here, where I live that is.  We had a little get together, everyone who moved from the first campus.  We talked about the vision and how volunteering was going to look (like, where we were going to set up, how things were going to run, all that jazz).IMG_3155

Then, it was time for Code Orange Revival.  The last one was back in 2012 (which, fun fact, was where the people who started the campus got the idea to actually start one).  Code Orange Revival is ten days of different speakers/pastors.  This year, we had Joyce Meyer, Christine Cane, John Gray, Levi Lusco, and a few others I can’t remember.  It was a very heavy, exhausting ten days.  Ten days of hearing back to back preaching, with hardly any time to process what you heard the night before.  But it was good.  At least you can go on YouTube and listen to them, after you’ve had a nice, week long nap.IMG_3214

A lady that Mom volunteers with asked if we wanted to go to the live recording of the church’s new worship album (which happened one of the ten days).  So, the four of us (including the lady’s son), drove down to North Carolina.  I have to be honest, though, it wasn’t what we expected.  We waited in line, outside, for eight or so hours, and towards the end of waiting, people kept cutting in front of us (since we got there early, we were at the front of the line).  “My friend was holding my spot,” they would say.  No, they weren’t, but if that makes you feel better, be my guest.

We got pretty good seats, a few rows up from where the pastor sits.  We could see the stage perfectly.  But, the downside was the atmosphere.  Instead of it feeling like a worship setting, it felt like a concert.  Instead of feeling like people were worshiping, it felt like people were there just to say they were there.  I felt like the band was just going through the motions, playing the same songs, the same way they played every Sunday, the same way (you have a CD with twelve songs, and yet you only play the same three every other week, rotating in which order you play them).IMG_3314

I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.  Mom and the other lady felt it too.  Her son loved it though, and that made me happy.  I don’tregret going.  I went once, I don’t have to do it again.IMG_3362

With the new campus opening, I figured this would be a great chance to do something I had been wanting to do forever: I got my hair cut.  I met a girl at church who works in a salon, so I just decided to take the plunge.  I also did something else new: I got it cut short.  I mean, it’s short.  To be honest, I didn’t like it, mostly because it was a big change. But, it’s growing on me (ba dum chh- get it?  Hair?  Growing?  On my head?).





So, that’s it for this month.  Gee, a lot went on!  At least I had something to talk about.

Trying Something New

So, because my life doesn’t really have anything going on in it right now, I have decided to change up my posting schedule.  I’m going to post once at the end of each month, so I have something to talk about, and the whole month in one place.  I most like will not stick to this, but I’m going to try anyway.

I wanted to wait until the new year, but then I changed my mind, because I’m indecisive and I change my mind on a whim.

So, I shall see you at the end of next month.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year dear reader.  I hope you enjoyed how you spent it.  I know I did.  Mom and I took a bus to North Carolina to bring in the new year in church.  After the Christmas Eve service, we decided to come back and hear the pastor actually speak.  We were not disappointed.  In fact, our expectations of him were exceeded.  We were surprised at how much we enjoyed it.  I have to say, I feel weird.  I enjoyed church?  Looks like it.

That’s not a bad thing.  It’s just different.  I haven’t felt like this, so I don’t know what to do with this feeling.  I’m still guarded, which my pastor (my pastor) says is a good thing.  I mean, the Bible clearly says to guard your heart.  I’m just doing what it tells me to.

I do hope you all had a good day.  And please, let’s not allow this year to be like last year.  Let’s make it better, ok?  If you had a good year last year, let’s make this one great.

Sound good to you?  Me too!

Oh, and by the way, I’m switching what day my posts come out on. It’s been Friday for the past three years, so I’m going to change it, starting next week. It seems like the best stuff happens on Fridays, after I’ve already posted.

Ok, bye.

We’re Experiencing Some Early Turbulence

In one week and one day, I turn the big 2-5.  That’s right, I’m almost a quarter of a century old.  What am I doing with my life?

I have a friend who just turned 25 in April, and she always talked about how she wanted to change her life, how she was tired of what she was doing and she wanted to do more.

My mother said the same thing.  People, something happens at 25.  And I am experiencing it a little early.  In fact, it started on the 1st for me.  I started to really think about my life, and what was going on around me, and where I was and what I was doing.  I still am, I don’t know why I’m talking in past tense.

I definitely feel like I’m changing, especially my emotions.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s almost that time of the month, or if I really am becoming someone new.  I’m becoming more emotional.  And I’m not just talking about crying at every little thing (which I find myself doing these days), I’m talking about all of my emotions.  I’m a little little more angry at things.  I’m starting to speak my mind more, and stand up for myself.  It could also have to do with my work environment, where everyone is pretty much sarcastic, rude, blunt, and loud.  Not everyone is all of those things, but you have to posses at least one of those qualities to work there (I’m sarcastic, with a bit of bluntness).

I also want to do things.  I have had a to do list of stuff that I have always wanted to do, but am just too darn lazy to attempt.  Now, I’m starting to slowly but surely pursue these things.  I want to do more with my life than just work in a deli.  I’ll work in the deli, but I want to come to work and be like, “What did I do on my day off?  Oh, I sewed a shirt.  I made string art.  I painted a cool, abstract picture.”  Now mind you, I already go in to work and tell them how I used a chainsaw to cut down a tree stump, or I put up blinds and replaced others, or how I replaced a faucet in my bathroom.  I want there to be more to me than just a handy woman.  I want to be artsy.  I want to learn a new language (or at least enough of one to sound cool).

I want to try new things.  This is not the typical New Years resolution of, “This will be the year of trying new things.”  No, this is more than a resolution.  This is serious.  I need to get out of this slump that I’ve felt all year, and if I’m going to get out of it, I have to actually try to get out of it by doing something I’ve never done before.  Because whatever I’ve been doing, isn’t doing anything.

I’m starting to think about my life.  My future.  I’ve never thought (in-depth) about the future.  Gee, if I want to marry someone, I better get going on my writing career, because they’re not going to marry someone who just works in a deli.  Heck, I won’t let them!  Even if I don’t get married, I’m not happy with just working in a deli.  I hold myself to too high of a standard to let this be it for me.  Heck to the no!

Gosh darn it people, I’ve never been so confused, and so level-headed in my life!  It’s quite exhilarating.

Good night!  Good morning!  Good everything!

New Job…Maybe?

I still have yet to hear about my new job.  I really want move on, you know?  I’m getting antsy.  I’ve stayed here for too long.

Plus, I have experience doing this type of thing, and I loved doing it back at Dollar General.

Other than that, nothing else has happened.

I’m just trying to wait, patiently.  It’s not really going too well.


Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2015.  This is the time when I tell you what I would like to do this year, with my life and my blog, and you politely listen and wait till I crash and burn.  Let us begin:

This is the year I turn 25.  That is a significant age.  Not just for me, but for others as well.  I have a friend who is also turning 25 this year, and she wants to change.  She’s not happy with her lifestyle, and she wants to do better.  I like my life, but I want to enhance it.

This year, I will try my hardest to get my novel, Times, editor ready.  But first, I have to rewrite about half of it.  I can do that in a year, right?  Hopefully.  But, I want to do that by June.  June?!  Yes, June.  I have six months to rewrite my story to a point where I am ready to let someone else read it.  Right now, not so much.  It’s possible.  I can see its potential underneath the pile of crap that it is.  Think of it as an Orc.  I could have very well said flower, but that’s way too expected.

This year, I also want to start my “editing business.”  And by business, I mean, I want to edit for money so I can pay for an editor and cover designer and other expenses I may come across.  Right now, my paycheck it going towards bills and food.  I don’t want to just make ends meet, you know?

These are not resolutions.  These are more than resolutions.  Resolutions have become something that people make, knowing they can’t keep them, or, expecting to not keep them.  No, these two things are things I want to be resolute towards.  I want to be admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering.  I know I said I’ll crash and burn, but maybe I won’t crash as hard, and maybe the plane won’t blow up.  Maybe this year, I’ll just have a rocky landing.  Maybe this year, I’ll land with ease and grace.  Who knows?  These two things may actually happen.

And I look forward to when they do.

Good night!  Good morning!  Good everything!

Who’s That?

SONY DSCOn July 9th (last Wednesday) my mother woke me up with, “Come here, I want to show you something.”  There were four kittens on our porch, along with their mother.  The mother heard us and ran off, leaving her kittens behind.  Mom and I went outside to collect them, but they scattered in different directions.  We caught one, but decided to let it go, just in case the mother came back to get her children.  A while later, I saw a leaf move from beneath the stairs.  I went outside to find this guy.  Man was he feisty.  He put up a fight, scratched my hand, and yelled at the top of his lungs.  Mama Cat was nowhere to be found, none of them were.  We heard thunder in the distance, and I was on my way to work.  We didn’t want him to be left alone, in the rain.  So, Mom brought him in and put him in the downstairs spare bedroom.  We decided that, if Mama Cat ever came back, we’d let him go.  She didn’t come back.

It’s been a week, and he has taken to us very well.  He’s very playful, very curious, and very cute.  He sleeps behind the bookcase in our room, and he loves to sit on the table between our beds and watch the bugs.  He even loves to follow ants.


I bet you’re wondering how Sam gets along with Shasta.  Well, I think the better question is, how does Shasta get along with Sam?

Look at the flowers Sam, look at the flowers
Look at the flowers Sam, look at the flowers

Shasta is a very good cat.  We weren’t expecting to introduce them so fast, but Shasta came into the room with us, so at least it was supervised.  He didn’t know what to think of Sam.  He basically just kept going in and out of the room, trying to figure out what to do.  What is this thing?  But now, Shasta runs after him and wrestles with him, but never hard enough to make Sam cry.  At first, Sam just kind of laid down and let Shasta carry him through the house, but now, Sam throws a few punches here and there.  He’s starting to be able to hold his own.

By the way, we named him Sam because everyone in this house has an “S” name.  We couldn’t leave him out.  But, Mom did have a great idea about naming our next cat Dean.

Welcome home, Sam!



For the past…well, since June (eight months) I have been sitting around the house doing absolutely nothing.  One, because it was cold, and two, because I haven’t had a job.

Well, I had an interview earlier this week, which consisted of, “You’re working in the deli, when can you start?”  So, I started yesterday.  I didn’t go today because I couldn’t get out of the driveway (we just had snow).

It’s not bad!  I’m working with someone I know from highschool, so it’s been pleasant.  There are a couple more people I know from school who work in the front of the store too.  It’s nice to know people.

It’s not a hard job (yet?).  Apparently, summer is worse.  I guess I’ll see, now won’t I?  Anyway, that’s what’s going on.  Talk to you next week!

At Least I Didn’t Cry


On January 1st of last year, I cried.  I felt like everything that had gone wrong was my fault.  Looking back, it seems a little mellow-dramatic.  If you would like to read it, click here.

This year, however, I almost forgot.  What? How?  Well, it was just another, normal day for me, just like any other.  So, I decided to do something to make it different: I deactivated my Facebook.  I hate that thing.  Really!  The only good thing about it is it lets me know when it’s someone’s birthday, and quite honestly if I don’t know when that is, I apparently don’t care. Or, I’ve relied on that stupid site to remember it for me.

So, what’s coming up in this new year?  Well, for starters, another move.  Mom and I don’t have jobs, and we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, so we need to get out of here and move on with our lives.  Where are we moving?  We don’t know!  We thought North Carolina, but what we were expecting, didn’t live up to our expectations.  So, that was a bust.  We’re clueless, which should be fun.

Aside from that, I’m going to finish my book this year.  That’s right!  My 2012 NaNoWriMo story will be done.  Every day…or, something, I’m going to write it.  Either that or my other story that I have just started, but that will be for something that I’d like to add to the blog: Short Story Saturday!  I know, it falls on Caturday, and I’ll have to compete for attention against cute, adorable kittens, but I know I can do it.  I know what I’m getting myself into.

I don’t know what my “theme” is this year.  Random crap?  That will do.  No, for real, I think it’s just going to be things that I’ve been thinking about or talking about that week.  For example, I just talked to Bliss about Supernatural, and I wrote this really long comment about how Dean always takes care of everyone, because he has been his whole life, and I got to thinking, maybe that’s why I relate to him so much.  If I wasn’t doing this blog post, I’d probably post about that.

Anyway, I’m going to try to stick to my to-do list from last week, hopefully starting this Saturday.

That’s all.  Happy New Year everyone!

Last Post Of The Year

Well, this is my last post of the year, and like I said, I’ve got big plans for next year. Well, not big plans, more like medium sized plans. Yea, medium.

Here are two things I will try to do:
       At least one CD or book review a month (most likely a CD review)
       Share my own writing: I think it’s about time I start sharing, since I do want to be a writer (Short story Saturday/Sunday anyone?)
       Try to put a photo on each post, like I used to.

This year was all about me sharing what was going on in my life. You got to read all about my adventure with my grandma, moving from Tennessee to Virginia, and the journey that Mom and I went on. I think next year I’ll post more of my thoughts and ideas. Sometimes I’ll read posts on Facebook and think, “I should really write about that,” but I felt so stuck by my “theme” and laziness and I just passed by it. At least with this next year, I feel like I’ll have more freedom about what I will allow myself to write. I know, my blog my rules, but I’d like to have some consistency in my life.

This will be the year of writing. Sharing what I write, and writing about what I share. Maybe I can finally get my 2012 NaNo story done, huh? That would be exciting, I know my characters would love that.

Thank you to everyone who has gone though everything with me. Can you believe it’s already been a year and a half since I started this blog? I can’t. But I am so excited to start this next year.

See you on the other side!