Take Back Control

Grandma "fell asleep" at 5:30pm on Thursday, the 19th. On Saturday, at 8:30am, Mom found Grandma laying on the floor next to her bed. She slept for 39 hours. After that 39 hours, Grandma can no longer talk. She can grunt, but that's all the sound that comes out of her mouth (that and heavy … Continue reading Take Back Control

But Whenever Monday Comes

The nurse motioned to Mom and I to step outside after she had seen and heard all that she needed to.  When the door closed, she looked at us.  We knew what she was going to say. "It won't be too long now" she said.  Mom and I nodded.  We knew that, but to hear … Continue reading But Whenever Monday Comes

I Didn’t Know We Got Presents On Labor Day

Monday My mom woke me up and told me Grandma was going to take a shower.  She asked me to keep an ear out and listen for any big booms.  While putting the dishes away, I saw Grandma walking towards me.  “Can you help me?” she asked.  I put on my bathing suit and by … Continue reading I Didn’t Know We Got Presents On Labor Day