Let’s Color Shaving Cream!

Mom and I did a thing.  We like to try out hand at (some) crafts we see on Facebook.  Some turn out, some don't. I like some of these, but others, not so much.  Mom loves them.  I really wish I had her eyes.  She just likes the fact that we got up and attempted … Continue reading Let’s Color Shaving Cream!

My Kind Of Week

I've been in a, "Let's stay home and do nothing" mood lately.  And that's exactly what we did.  We went to WalMart and Food Lion, but that's it.  The rest of the time was changing the sheets on Grandma's bed, going through her dresser, going through pictures, finishing a puzzle that took Mom and I … Continue reading My Kind Of Week

ALS Is To A Cold As Water Is To Oil (They Just Don’t Mix)

Not a lot is going on.  We’ve had quite a few therapists come out.  The occupational therapist came by, but he said he didn’t need to do a lot with Grandma right now.  Speech came out, which I was happy about.  She’s awfully nice.  I learned about the only bone that’s not connected to any … Continue reading ALS Is To A Cold As Water Is To Oil (They Just Don’t Mix)

This Home Has A New Occupant

“After the doctor comes in, I’m walking out” Grandma told Mom Monday morning, not five minutes after Mom called the social worker, telling him she’s taking Grandma out on Tuesday.  After Mom got off the phone with Grandma, Mom called the social worker back and said, “I’m taking her out today.”  Mom and I headed … Continue reading This Home Has A New Occupant