Code Orange, Growing Church, And Omg, What Did I Do?

First thing’s first: Mom and I finally saw Pastor Steven at the home church last Saturday (third time’s the charm, right?)  It was a great message.  I loved the chill vibe he was giving off.  Saturday service is awesome.

This month, my church’s second campus opened!  Second campus here, where I live that is.  We had a little get together, everyone who moved from the first campus.  We talked about the vision and how volunteering was going to look (like, where we were going to set up, how things were going to run, all that jazz).IMG_3155

Then, it was time for Code Orange Revival.  The last one was back in 2012 (which, fun fact, was where the people who started the campus got the idea to actually start one).  Code Orange Revival is ten days of different speakers/pastors.  This year, we had Joyce Meyer, Christine Cane, John Gray, Levi Lusco, and a few others I can’t remember.  It was a very heavy, exhausting ten days.  Ten days of hearing back to back preaching, with hardly any time to process what you heard the night before.  But it was good.  At least you can go on YouTube and listen to them, after you’ve had a nice, week long nap.IMG_3214

A lady that Mom volunteers with asked if we wanted to go to the live recording of the church’s new worship album (which happened one of the ten days).  So, the four of us (including the lady’s son), drove down to North Carolina.  I have to be honest, though, it wasn’t what we expected.  We waited in line, outside, for eight or so hours, and towards the end of waiting, people kept cutting in front of us (since we got there early, we were at the front of the line).  “My friend was holding my spot,” they would say.  No, they weren’t, but if that makes you feel better, be my guest.

We got pretty good seats, a few rows up from where the pastor sits.  We could see the stage perfectly.  But, the downside was the atmosphere.  Instead of it feeling like a worship setting, it felt like a concert.  Instead of feeling like people were worshiping, it felt like people were there just to say they were there.  I felt like the band was just going through the motions, playing the same songs, the same way they played every Sunday, the same way (you have a CD with twelve songs, and yet you only play the same three every other week, rotating in which order you play them).IMG_3314

I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.  Mom and the other lady felt it too.  Her son loved it though, and that made me happy.  I don’tregret going.  I went once, I don’t have to do it again.IMG_3362

With the new campus opening, I figured this would be a great chance to do something I had been wanting to do forever: I got my hair cut.  I met a girl at church who works in a salon, so I just decided to take the plunge.  I also did something else new: I got it cut short.  I mean, it’s short.  To be honest, I didn’t like it, mostly because it was a big change. But, it’s growing on me (ba dum chh- get it?  Hair?  Growing?  On my head?).





So, that’s it for this month.  Gee, a lot went on!  At least I had something to talk about.


One Tree

There was a tree on the vacant lot next to us that had fallen onto a tree on our property.  We had some really bad wind, but thankfully it wasn’t so bad that the tree fell on our house (we’ve already had that happen once).  So after some phone calls were made, Tree Man and his people came to cut down that tree, and another one that Mom had pointed out.

Well, if Mom had not gotten up when she did, one Saw Guy would have cut down the wrong tree.  Tree Man was up at the road, fiddling with his phone.

So, multiple other Saw Men showed up and cut down half fallen tree, and the tree that it had fallen on.  On top of that, they cut down about six other trees on our property, that Mom had not authorized them to cut.

On top of that, they cut down almost every tree on the vacant lot.

Of course, the people who own that property can do whatever they want with it.  Except, we live in a private community, and we have rules.  Like, you can’t cut down trees for absolutely no reason.  The owners aren’t moving here, or building a house.  Tree Man gave them a day rate.  A day rate.  And they decided to cut down the whole forest.

It’s so bare.  We used to have trees, and now we don’t.  And to top it all off, they left the mess.  Right there.  Both our trees and the other peoples’.  On our property.

Mom cried when she got home.  I was so upset, I cleaned the kitchen.

Our “neighbors” (the people who own the lot) wanted a view of the lake…for their house that they’re not even building.


I know I’ve got better pictures somewhere, but I just can’t seem to find them.  Just know, it’s pretty drastic.

All because of one tree.  Poor, innocent trees…