It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Mine

Photo by Shane Aldendorff on It might come out wrong, but at least we're speaking.Pastor Steven Furtick, Be The Bridge I didn't grow up with a lot of black classmates. I didn't even have a lot of black friends when I was little. I honestly didn't pay them any mind. Because, well, I saw … Continue reading It’s Not Your Fault, It’s Mine

Take Back Control

Grandma "fell asleep" at 5:30pm on Thursday, the 19th. On Saturday, at 8:30am, Mom found Grandma laying on the floor next to her bed. She slept for 39 hours. After that 39 hours, Grandma can no longer talk. She can grunt, but that's all the sound that comes out of her mouth (that and heavy … Continue reading Take Back Control

The Fault In Her Connection

Grandma fell on Monday.  She said she was expecting it.  Well, it has been a couple of weeks.  It seems her pattern is either Monday or Tuesday in the early morning.  Well, that’s just what we know. You know, I didn’t think I’d have this much of a connection with her.  I am genuinely scared.  … Continue reading The Fault In Her Connection