Code Orange, Growing Church, And Omg, What Did I Do?

First thing's first: Mom and I finally saw Pastor Steven at the home church last Saturday (third time's the charm, right?)  It was a great message.  I loved the chill vibe he was giving off.  Saturday service is awesome. This month, my church's second campus opened!  Second campus here, where I live that is.  We had a little … Continue reading Code Orange, Growing Church, And Omg, What Did I Do?


Draft Day!

This past Wednesday, we had Draft Day!  And, I was able to go! Draft Day is a day for all of the church volunteers to get together.  And this week, it was game time! We were all separated into different color groups.  Which ever two groups had the most points got to compete in one final … Continue reading Draft Day!

My Church Has House Parties

I went to my first house party on Wednesday. It's for the students, mind you. This church is geared toward younger people, I'd say between the ages of 13 and 30 (maybe 35).  But of course, there are people older than that who are that age at heart (like my mother). But anyway, during the … Continue reading My Church Has House Parties