I See Me: Mirror vs. Selfie

Flip hair, turn head, tilt up, squint, flip hair, tilt down, purse lips, widen eyes, part lips, look straight. Every angle gives me sassy, sultry, alluring, cute. Someone fun to be around. Wanting to show off, I grab my camera and snap a selfie, or ten. As I look back at the pictures, all I … Continue reading I See Me: Mirror vs. Selfie


It was 9 o'clock on Sunday, September 29th when Mom woke me up to move Grandma.  "Oh, she's awake?" I asked.  This time, it was 44 hours that Grandma had slept, since the hospice nurse gave her more medicine.  I walked into the living room and sat Grandma up.  She couldn't move her neck.  After … Continue reading 1:25pm