SCRIBEdelivery- December

 Past Deliveries:SeptemberOctoberNovember Well hello! Thanks for coming back! Like I said last month, this is my birthday month, and I have to tell you, I really like this shipment! Come on, let's see what's inside! The LootLet's start off with this Legion Paper Stonehenge Notebook. The paper is a little thicker, which is great for any type … Continue reading SCRIBEdelivery- December

SCRIBEdelivery- November

 Past Deliveries:SeptemberOctober So, who's ready to see what I got in my delivery this month? Well, I hope it's you, because you're on this post! Well then, shall we? The LootThis month was ok. As you can see, I got more pens and another notebook. Let’s see what else! Alright, this notebook is from Iron Curtain Press. As … Continue reading SCRIBEdelivery- November