Music, Painting, And Horses

Our Church’s new worship album came out!  Oh my goodness, it is SO beautiful!  To think, we were a part of it, and we didn’t really enjoy the experience.  It’s still so beautiful!  And I loved the decorations the volunteers put up.

Aside from that, Mom and I painted plates.  I had done it before, years ago, and Mom wanted to do it.  She had been wanting to since that, and now, she got to!  We had so much fun. The owner was there, and she showed us how to do the design/technique we wanted to do.  I think they’re going to turn out awesome.

AND, I finally went horseback riding!  Mom was going to get a picture, but she didn’t because the instructor was going to upload the ones she took, but she never did.  I guess we’ll have to go back!  It was awesome!  All these years of riding Epona in Ocarina of Time, and now, I actually got the chance to be Link!

Well, not really, but one day!

(Lots of exclamation points.  It was just an exciting month)!


Let’s Color Shaving Cream!

Mom and I did a thing.  We like to try out hand at (some) crafts we see on Facebook.  Some turn out, some don’t.

I like some of these, but others, not so much.  Mom loves them.  I really wish I had her eyes.  She just likes the fact that we got up and attempted it.  She looks at the action, I look at the outcome.


Here’s what you need:

  • A shallow baking pan
  • Shaving Cream-We used dollar store stuff, which was kind of watery, but we achieved our desired effect (we think).  Try different brands to see what works best for you
  • Thick card stock (we used printer paper, just to figure out what we were doing.  We also grabbed canvas later on, along with some towels, as an experiment).
  • Food coloring (we also used acrylic paint, which also worked).
  • Some sort of smoother/mixer (we used a spatula).
  • I think the wax paper was to put the spatulas on/wipe them off.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Spray a layer of shaving cream into the baking pan.IMG_4499
  2. Put drops of desired color(s) of food coloring onto the shaving cream.IMG_4500IMG_4501
  3. Use your smoother to make a design in the shaving cream.IMG_4502
  4. Firmly push card stock/canvas into the shaving cream (so the design goes onto whatever you’re using).
  5. Scrape off shaving cream with…something.  I can’t remember what we used, maybe the other spatula.  No…a bread cutter?
    1. You can also let the design sit for a minute to let it “dry” on the surface.  Experiment to see what works best for you.
  6. Tada!  Let it sit before you do anything with it.IMG_4515

It was messy, but it was fun!  The ones on the towel didn’t turn out, but the canvases are pretty cool.

If you decide to try it out, I want to see pictures!

*No, picture 3 does not go with picture 6.

Formal Admission Day

Some of my favorite adventures in life are the ones that belong under the category, I did it once, I never have to do it again.  If I did it once, I can mark it off my Bucket List.  And, I don’t have the agony of waiting until an appointed time, or until I gain a certain amount of money, to do the thing again.

We got to cross of one the things on our (combined) Bucket List: go to a Presidential inauguration.

Mother was blessed enough to get two free tickets for the inauguration, so we decided take the leap and go on an adventure.

We drove to D.C. and rode the subway/train.  It was very easy to understand, and fun to ride (like the underground in England).  It wasn’t that packed, maybe towards the end of our trip, but it was still pleasant.

There were a lot of people, which made me happy.  Even the protesters, the ones who booed him and yelled while he was making his speech made the time entertaining.  I enjoyed it.

Before it was over, Mom and I booked it (to beat the crowed), and hoped back on the subway to head to the zoo.  It was a nice zoo, for being free.  It was a colder day, as you can see in the picture, but we dressed accordingly (something you become quite good at, living up North).

Overall, it was a very eventful day.  We have the pictures, and the memories, and that’s really all that we need.


Good Morning, Midnight!

Have you ever been in a confused place?  Where the best you know how, you’re doing what you think God wants you to do but you can’t get any clarity on the situation?  That’s midnight.

The Praise Party was on fire!  I’m so glad that my co-worker and her boyfriend enjoyed it.  Old folks can like this church too (jk on the old folks stuff).

I still have up my front page, year description thing (I have no idea what to call it).  And this message goes right along with how I was feeling last year (gee, that’s weird to say).

  • I will not let this year be like last year.

We say that every year, some in a positive way, (this year will be better), or in a negative way, (this year sucked).  But, seriously, I won’t let this year be like last year.  It is going to be better!  The year I stop wanting my life to improve is the year I need to re-evaluate my life.

  • This year I will prosper, I will grow, I will have more faith; and if that means I will face more adversity, bring it on, because I can’t prosper and grow if I’m not moving.

I don’t know if I did.  For a lot of us, we don’t see that we’ve grown until years down the road when we look back and see how far we’ve come.  But it sneaks up on us.

I went through adversity.  Most of it I didn’t post about, probably because it was the same ol’, same ol’ that I had been in the past years.  Most of it was probably little stuff that fell off of my back in a few days, that I didn’t feel needed mentioning.  And then there were other adversities that I shared (like the skink that bit my finger in April, or the live recording for the new album in September, or the fact that I had a lot of posts that stated that a lot of nothing happened).  And, yes, there were some adversities that I never mentioned because, maybe, I’m still dealing with them.

One of the things my pastor talked about in his message was remembrance.  That reminds me of when I went to my great grandparents’ graves.  I wasn’t around when they were, so I can’t remember them.  But I can remember what they did (according to my research on Ancestry, and what my dad can remember through his research).  They chose to come over here, to get away from whatever fighting was going on in Scotland.  And now, I’m here.  I’m here because they risked their lives.

The other post that reminds me of remembering is The Legend Of The Symphony.

I start off with remembering the pain:

  • I spent a lot of time collecting every Zelda game. Then someone had to break in and steal all of it.
    • I lost a passion that day.  I lost a love.  I couldn’t look at anything Zelda related.  I based a lot of my life around it.  Ocarina of Time is what made me start writing.  Link’s Awakening is what made me believe I was supposed to be a writer.

Then, I turned my focus to a new spark:

  • A little bit of that joy came back into my life the day I got Twilight Princess.  It had been years since I played a Zelda game, but that was a good thing.  That made this moment all the more special.
    • I got a spark back.  My love for the series came peeking out from behind the hurt and loss I built up around my feelings.  I was happy once more.
      • I bought Ocarina of Time to play on the Wii.  Talk about nostalgia.  I was a kid again.  My love poked its head out a little more, and the wall cracked.

Then, the fire:

  • I fell in love again.  The loss was restored. […]now I can look around and not remember how much I miss all of it.  Now the memories come first.
    • I sat there and cried as I remembered how much I loved the series.  I remembered the love I had when I first discovered Hyrule.  I remembered and felt like I did as a kid.

The difference between midnight and morning is the way you choose to see it.

Remember, midnight is still considered morning.  Even though it’s pitch black, it’s still morning.  It all depends on what you want to call it: midnight, or morning.

Good morning, Midnight!  And happy New Year!


Another Year Has Come And Gone

I’m not reflecting yet.  It’s not time for that.  I haven’t got it in me.

I sewed another dress.  It may look finished, but it’s not.  I still have some touching up to do on it.  I really like the pattern.

I went to a concert earlier in the month.  Not a lot of people showed up.  I think it was because of the place, or maybe the time of year.  I know it wasn’t people of the group (MercyMe) because everyone loves them.

I got a tinsel tree this year!  I love the colors.

Mom and I went to church on the 24th for our Christmas service.  You know, it’s been one year since we’ve been going to this church!  It’s kind of crazy.

We went to WinterFest at Liberty University.  It was alright.  Red and Andy Mineo were my favorite.  Until the speaker came up (I don’t know who it was, which is horrible because Mom and I really enjoyed him!).  He made an “alter call” for the youth, and I’m telling you, they swarmed the stage!  It was amazing!  Thankfully, we got to talk to someone who organized this part of the evening, and we got a chance to help out behind the scenes.  We went to the back rooms with the youth, and my goodness, the atmosphere was thick with healing.  The youth in this country really need some guidance.  I don’t know why I have such a heart for them, but I do.  Please pray for them.

Mom and I are headed out to our New Years service at church, and a co-worker of mine and her boyfriend are coming with us!  I’m so excited.

Well, talk to you next year!

We’ve Been Busy!

Wow has this been a busy month!

The first Sunday at the new campus was a success.  We had a wonderful turn out!  There are still some kinks to work out, but we’ll do it.  We’ll get the ball rolling here in a while.

Mom bought me some chalkboard paint, so now I can write on my wall!  It works pretty well, actually.  It’s so much fun!


We went to an orchard to pick apples and feed animals, and as an added bonus, we took pictures of sunflowers.


We went tubing at a college in Lynchburg, and went to a hockey game with some people from church.



We went to a Scottish festival, and the (North Carolina?) Renaissance Festival (which, in my opinion, is better than the Georgia one).



We volunteered for a concert, I got a Halloween costume (that I’m most likely going to put up on my wall).


Oh boy!  What a busy month!  Happy Halloween!


Code Orange, Growing Church, And Omg, What Did I Do?

First thing’s first: Mom and I finally saw Pastor Steven at the home church last Saturday (third time’s the charm, right?)  It was a great message.  I loved the chill vibe he was giving off.  Saturday service is awesome.

This month, my church’s second campus opened!  Second campus here, where I live that is.  We had a little get together, everyone who moved from the first campus.  We talked about the vision and how volunteering was going to look (like, where we were going to set up, how things were going to run, all that jazz).IMG_3155

Then, it was time for Code Orange Revival.  The last one was back in 2012 (which, fun fact, was where the people who started the campus got the idea to actually start one).  Code Orange Revival is ten days of different speakers/pastors.  This year, we had Joyce Meyer, Christine Cane, John Gray, Levi Lusco, and a few others I can’t remember.  It was a very heavy, exhausting ten days.  Ten days of hearing back to back preaching, with hardly any time to process what you heard the night before.  But it was good.  At least you can go on YouTube and listen to them, after you’ve had a nice, week long nap.IMG_3214

A lady that Mom volunteers with asked if we wanted to go to the live recording of the church’s new worship album (which happened one of the ten days).  So, the four of us (including the lady’s son), drove down to North Carolina.  I have to be honest, though, it wasn’t what we expected.  We waited in line, outside, for eight or so hours, and towards the end of waiting, people kept cutting in front of us (since we got there early, we were at the front of the line).  “My friend was holding my spot,” they would say.  No, they weren’t, but if that makes you feel better, be my guest.

We got pretty good seats, a few rows up from where the pastor sits.  We could see the stage perfectly.  But, the downside was the atmosphere.  Instead of it feeling like a worship setting, it felt like a concert.  Instead of feeling like people were worshiping, it felt like people were there just to say they were there.  I felt like the band was just going through the motions, playing the same songs, the same way they played every Sunday, the same way (you have a CD with twelve songs, and yet you only play the same three every other week, rotating in which order you play them).IMG_3314

I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.  Mom and the other lady felt it too.  Her son loved it though, and that made me happy.  I don’tregret going.  I went once, I don’t have to do it again.IMG_3362

With the new campus opening, I figured this would be a great chance to do something I had been wanting to do forever: I got my hair cut.  I met a girl at church who works in a salon, so I just decided to take the plunge.  I also did something else new: I got it cut short.  I mean, it’s short.  To be honest, I didn’t like it, mostly because it was a big change. But, it’s growing on me (ba dum chh- get it?  Hair?  Growing?  On my head?).





So, that’s it for this month.  Gee, a lot went on!  At least I had something to talk about.

Trying Something New

So, because my life doesn’t really have anything going on in it right now, I have decided to change up my posting schedule.  I’m going to post once at the end of each month, so I have something to talk about, and the whole month in one place.  I most like will not stick to this, but I’m going to try anyway.

I wanted to wait until the new year, but then I changed my mind, because I’m indecisive and I change my mind on a whim.

So, I shall see you at the end of next month.