SCRIBEdelivery- October



So, guys, this is SCRIBEdelivery‘s fifth anniversary! How exciting is that?! I know I’m excited, wait till you see what I got!







So, of course, it’s Denik again. But who’s complaining? Not me! And this time, I got three! Here is the lined notebook (Gold Hexes*, which you can also get blank). I cannot find the Rise and Shine (dot grid) or the Up and Atom (lined) on the Denik website, but I did find them on a couple of different websites.

*Did you know that hexagons are one of my favorite shapes? Well, now you do!



The Uni-ball Signo DX is interesting. It’s got a much smaller tip (0.38 compared to .7), and it seems smoother. I love the Signo gel grip, but these are pretty nice to use as well.




I was excited to see these in this package. I got another kind like it before, but they were midliners. These are mildliners (by Zebra). They’re highlighters on one end, and the fine tip on the other is best for underlining, to writing notes. The colors are so subtle, they’re perfect for catching your eye, but not drawing it away from everything else.


Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed by monthly stationary haul. I enjoy sharing it!

By for now!


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