SCRIBEdelivery- January

scribedelivery- january


Past Deliveries:


Who doesn’t love starting out the year with new stationary? I know I do! This month’s delivery was almost the best, if not THE best. I can’t wait to show you what I got!


The Loot



I’d say this delivery was fun. I love these Gelly Roll gel pens! They bring back memories. Let’s get started!



These are Baron Fig Vanguard Pocket Dateless Planners. One for every season! I love the colors, and their size. You can plan practically anything (blog posts, even?). They each have 16 weeks of empty space, plus some space in the back for anything extra.

If you like their product, you can even customize their product with your logo.






This journal is from Exacompta. It’s your basic basic journal. What’s different about this is, you can tear off the corners. Also, it’s refillable!





Alright, who remembers the Gelly Roll? I do, and I love them! They are smooth, vibrant, and they sparkle! These are in the stardust collection.



Ah yes, this little highlighter right here is a Kokuyo Beetle Highlighter. It’s a duel one. Just use the flat sides to get a smooth line. It took me some getting used it, but I love it now!




Thanks so much for checking out my post! I hope you’re enjoying these, because I’m having a lot of fun writing them! If you decide to try any of these products out (or the products in the past), let me know! I’d love to know what you think of them.

Thanks again, and I’ll talk to you later!

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