SCRIBEdelivery- October


Hello again! I’m back to tell you about another SCRIBEdelivery I received. I have to tell you, this one is pretty good.

All links with an * are linked to the product on their site. No, they are not affiliate links, but that would be awesome because I love their products!

Also, be sure to check out my September SCRIBEdelivery.


The Loot




As you can see, I got some Extreme Post-it notes. They’re supposed to stay on wood and brick, and withstand being hot, cold, and wet. I haven’t tried them out yet.



I like these Rhodia* notebooks. The set up of the first one, the orange one, is pretty cool. You have the date, notes, and action. I like this because you can use the left side as a to-do list (lose weight), and you can put an action with it on the right side (eat healthy, exercise). I approve.

I can’t find this particular notebook on the site, but I found one like it (the one I have is stapled, this one is not).



Another dotted notebook! The big black one* reminds me of the notebook I got last month. I have to say, I’m loving the dots. It’s perfect for doodlers (like me). I love this!

Of course, you can forget the beloved classic black Sharpie! One can never have too many of these.

These pens are pretty neat too. The gray one (pictured above) is oil based. It’s heavier than the black pen (the line, and the ink). This one bleeds through paper. The black one (pictured two above), which has a thinner line, does not bleed through, and looks nicer on paper. The tip is very small, which I like a lot.


Overall, I like this month’s delivery. I think I’ll stick around and see what I get next month.

Talk you later!

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