Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect

As my mother has been going through her EMT class, I’ve been learning right along side of her.  And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that everything is a guess.  I mean, let’s think about it.  When you tell a doctor your symptoms, they don’t automatically tell you what is wrong.  They have to do tests, whether that’s just listening to your heart or your lungs, or taking x-rays.  It’s to confirm what they “know” is wrong, but even still, they have to confirm it.

People in the medical field practice medicine.  It’s not an exact science.  A lot of the things that an EMT encounters have the same signs and symptoms.  The diagnosis depends on other factors, such as medicine, body chemistry, etc.

If someone is having a hard time breathing, they could be allergic to something, have asthma, or have fluid in their lungs.  People trained in the medical field have to practice reading the signs.

If doctors practice medicine, why on Earth do you think you need to struggle with practicing to get perfect?  Is it taking you four years to get good at something?  Doctors, who go to school for a minimum of four years, and have three-seven years of training, will spend the rest of their lives learning, practicing, and training.  New technology is coming out all the time, new procedures, new laws and regulations.  They have to learn all of that.

How about practicing law?  It takes seven to eight years to become a lawyer, and they have to practice too!

My last blog post was about best writing practices.  Writing is a practice too!

If it takes you a “long time” to understand something, to perfect something, to finish something, that’s ok, you’re just practicing.  And you’re in good company.  You will be practicing for the rest of your life.

So give yourself a break, take a deep breath, and remember: the best in the field still practice.

  • You haven’t made the bestseller list?
  • Nope, I’m still practicing.


  • You haven’t sold any paintings yet?
  • Nope, I’m still practicing.


  • You haven’t…

Nope, I’m still practicing.

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