Mom is going to school to be an EMT, and two of her requirements are going to the fire department and the ER to get some experience.  On Monday, Mom went to the fire department and went out on a run with an EMT.  She said it was ok, but she doesn’t know if she can ride in the back of an ambulance because it rocks too much.  It’s not that she has motion sickness, she just doesn’t like the rocking motion (especially when other drivers don’t know how to drive when an ambulance has on their sirens.  Hint hint).

But yesterday, Mom went to the ER.  When she picked me up from work, I asked her how it went, and she said she loved it.  She said it was exhilarating, but I could tell that wasn’t even a good enough word to explain how she felt.

She saw quite a few patients, but this blog post is only about one.  A guy was rolled in awake, alert, conscious, talking about what was wrong with him.  Thirty-five minutes later, he was dead.  Mom said the person she was following worked their butt off, doing CPR as hard as they could.  She said for twenty minutes, a team of at least four people rotated and tried to revive the guy.  But, to no avail.  The EMT that brought him in said they were familiar with his family.  And now, he’s gone.

Dear reader, I am here to tell you that life is precious.  You never know what could happen in the next day, or even minutes.  Please cherish every tick of the clock that you’re alive.  Hug your friends, kiss your family and loved ones.  Every little drama that you go through, every little thing that stresses you out and that you worry about, put it aside and live your life.

Take care of yourself. Life is way too precious not to.

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