I Choose To Disrupt

I am The Disruptor!

You’re drawn to larger-than-life characters who rebel against the status quo. Your stories champion people who will do whatever it takes to change their societies, overcome all odds, and defeat tyranny. Whether your character makes a small but significant personal choice or starts an all-out revolution, at the core your stories are about sharing your ideals with the world.

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Your character makes a small but significant personal choice.

I love telling people that they have a choice.  Not just in my writing, but in person as well.  I never believe people can’t get out of any type of situation that they’re in.  Everyone always has a choice.

Especially me.  Want to know something funny about me?  I’m pretty indecisive.  I make a choice, but then I tend to change my mind at the next millisecond.  It’s actually quite annoying, really.  I’m trying to change that.  But see?  I have a choice to stay the same, or try and change it.

I also have a hard time doing what people tell me to, if I think it’s illogical or they don’t give me a good reason as to why I should do it.  “That’s the way we’ve always done it around here.”  Well, I have a better idea, and that’s the way I’m going to do it.  Which is why I’m always open to new ideas.  If someone says they have a new idea, and they convince me as to why it’s logical and could work, I tend to respond with, “Let’s try it!”  Because I know my way is not always right, or makes the most sense.  Now, if only other people thought that way…

I don’t know if I write about rebels—although I’m sure I could twist my characters into being rebels—but I love to show them making, or not making, a choice, and the positive or negative consequence they go through.  Even though these stories are not out yet, here are some examples:

  • Times- Five high school students who are faced with their own situations, in which each has to make a choice.  Some do, some don’t.
  • The Bells At Quarter-To: Will Shakel be like her ancestors?  Or will she choose to end the curse?
  • A Bloody Favor- Will Toula let her past go?  Or will she continue making excuses because of it?  Will Barrett stay and change?  Or will he run away?
  • Taste Of You, Taste Of Me- Will Crystal go outside of her comfort zone and do what she knows she should?  Or will she do what she has always done?

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Sarah, every story ever is all about making choices.  This is so not original.

I know, but hear me out.  In essence, we are not Katniss fighting for our lives in a killing match.  We are not Neo in another realm/dimension fighting computer programs (or are we?).  We are not Iron Man or Thor, teaming up with other superheroes to fight evil.

But, like Katniss, which guy/girl do we choose?  Like Neo, what will we choose to believe?  Like Iron Man and Thor, will we stand up to injustice, or something that tries to destroy our loved ones, or home, or safety?

I write about choices, and I choose to show people what happens when we take out all of the cinematic, frilly, visually attractive elements.  I like to write about us.  Everyday people.  The choices are my main subject.

Everyone has a choice.  And I want to show people that.  I want people to know what can happen when you make a choice, everyday.  To stay, to go, to hate, to love, to forgive, to resent.  Everyday, we wake up, and the first thing we do is make a choice: get out of bed, or lay there all day.

Everyday, we make choices.  And to have someone tell me they don’t have any other choice, to me, that’s unheard of.  There is always an answer.  Always.

My answer?  Disrupt.  Disrupt people’s way of thinking, disrupt their view of the world, or their situation, disrupt the mundane and give people new ways of looking at things.  And that is how I write.  I want people to see themselves in these characters.  I want them to think, to believe, to get angry, to cry, to make a decision about their own life.

I want people to know that they have a choice.  All hope is never lost.  There is always an answer.

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