Music, Painting, And Horses

Our Church’s new worship album came out!  Oh my goodness, it is SO beautiful!  To think, we were a part of it, and we didn’t really enjoy the experience.  It’s still so beautiful!  And I loved the decorations the volunteers put up.

Aside from that, Mom and I painted plates.  I had done it before, years ago, and Mom wanted to do it.  She had been wanting to since that, and now, she got to!  We had so much fun. The owner was there, and she showed us how to do the design/technique we wanted to do.  I think they’re going to turn out awesome.

AND, I finally went horseback riding!  Mom was going to get a picture, but she didn’t because the instructor was going to upload the ones she took, but she never did.  I guess we’ll have to go back!  It was awesome!  All these years of riding Epona in Ocarina of Time, and now, I actually got the chance to be Link!

Well, not really, but one day!

(Lots of exclamation points.  It was just an exciting month)!

4 thoughts on “Music, Painting, And Horses

      • sscribner07 says:

        It’s incredible to think about the type of partnership it takes to get a horse to accept a rider, especially new ones. I’m getting g ready to launch a blog about my experience owning my first horse and I look forward to reading more of yours!


      • sarahtheswan says:

        We went to a stable/farm to ride the horses, so the horses are used to it. But you know, I’ve heard they sense if a rider is scared or apprehensive, which is one reason why I tried to have a relaxed spirit.

        I appreciate you following my blog! I can’t wait to read about your experience as well :D.


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