The Legend Of The Symphony

If you can’t guess by the title, I went to the Symphony of the Goddesses.

I spent a lot of time, and Mom spent a lot of money, collecting every Zelda game.  I did it, at one point.  Then someone had to break in and steal all of it.

I lost a passion that day.  I lost a love.  I couldn’t look at anything Zelda related.  Man was I was passionate child about that series.  I based a lot of my life around it.  Ocarina of Time is what made me start writing.  Link’s Awakening is what made me believe I was supposed to be a writer.  It all got taken away because someone assumed my mother did something she didn’t even do.

A little bit of that joy came back into my life the day I got Twilight Princess.  It had been years since I played a Zelda game, but that was a good thing.  That made this moment all the more special.

I got a spark back.  My love for the series came peeking out from behind the hurt and loss I built up around my feelings.  I was happy once more.

Last year, I bought Ocarina of Time to play on the Wii.  Talk about nostalgia.  I was a kid again.  My love poked its head out a little more, and the wall cracked.

Sitting in the auditorium, waiting for the music to start, I looked around at the people.  Some were dressed up as Link, and Shiek, and Hilda.  Most of them had on a Zelda shirt, or hat.  I met a guy who had on Zelda socks and a Zelda tie.  I was with my people.

The music sounded just like the music in the game.  I know, that sounds silly, but just think about it.  All of these players had to be so precise, or else we would know if they messed up.  We were silently judging them.  But I have to tell you, it was perfection.  It was moving.  It was magical.

I fell in love again.  The loss was restored.  I still don’t have every game like I did before, but at least now I can look around and not remember how much I miss all of it.  Now the memories come first.

I sat there and cried as I remembered how much I loved the series.  I remembered the love I had when I first discovered Hyrule.  I remembered and felt like I did as a kid.

I’m in love again.

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