Finding The Roots

My mother was born on April 21st, 1962, in Detroit, Michigan.  She was told she was adopted at six months.  Her birth certificate shows her adopted parents.  There are no other records about her adoption.

Mom doesn’t know anything.  Her mom and dad never told her anything.  Mom’s past is, at the moment, literally blank.  Mom could make up any story, and no one could disprove her.

Mom said that when her parents died, then she would pursue searching for her birth parents.  Which is why we went through the court where Mom was adopted.

We sent off a form for non-identifying information, and I read that it takes four to six months to get it.  So, we waited…and we waited…and we waited.

We never got anything back.  I called the court and the lady that takes care of all of that, told us two things: it doesn’t take that long, and she never got the form.

All that time, wasted.

So the lady told us to send the for to Lancing, because they might have a little more information on Mom’s file than she would.  So we filled out another form, and sent it off.

This time, we got something.

Or should I said, nothing.

The letter informed us that they didn’t even have a file on her.

Another few weeks, wasted.

So we called the lady back and she said that, in her file, we probably won’t find anything, so we should just go ahead and pay for the court to assign her a Confidential Intermediary. So, Mom spent twenty dollars, and when the court approved, the CI assigned to Mom’s case sent her more information.

Three hundred dollars to find just one person.  And if they can’t find that person, it’s a hundred and fifty dollars to find other people.


Instead, I had the bright idea that Mom should do Ancestry’s DNA test.  Mom liked that idea.  At least it would cost less than three hundred dollars, even less than a hundred and fifty.  I waited for a sale, and bought it.

I’m very pleased with how fast this process is going.  The test was mailed to us in around four days, and Ancestry was right on top of things, letting us know when they checked it in, and when it got to the lab.

It takes between six to eight weeks for the whole process, so we should be getting the results at the end of April/beginning of May.

Not only will the results show us where Mom’s ancestors are from, but hopefully it will also show us Mom’s cousins (first, second, third, etc.).  I’ve been doing a lot of research, and I am confident that we will find Mom’s immediate family.

I know that sounds far fetched.  I know that may sound slightly impossible.  But you don’t understand.  We are determined to find something.  We are passionate about this.  I’m passionate about this.  Mom needs this.

It’s time.  It’s time to find some answers.  It’s time to become whole.

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