Red- The Color Of Death And Life

I volunteered at a concert on Thursday.  I sold merchandise for a band called Red (they’re a heavy rock, Christian band).  I’ve been following them since their first album, and I’ve sold merchandise for them once before, which I totally forgot about at the time.

It was fun to talk to their merchandise manager.  He was very informative and answered all of Mom’s questions (and she had a lot).  After the show, we helped him bring all of his luggage down to the bus.  Red’s bass player, Randy, was nice enough to come out and meet us.  That never happens, so that was a pleasant surprise.

I happen to like the band.  Of course, since I sold their merchandise, right?  Not necessarily.  I’ve sold merch for bands I have never heard of, and others that I’m kind of bored with.  But that never takes away from my excitement of selling merch.  I’ve always wanted to be a merchandise manager (since 2009, I’d say), so no matter who I’m selling for, I enjoy it.

But anyway, I happen to like Red.  Now, when I went to this concert a couple weeks ago (maybe a month ago), and Red was on stage and I was listening to them, and singing along, this older guy pulled me aside.

“I don’t get this type of music,” he said.  “Has music really come to this to get people to listen to it?  This is kind of satanic.”

I totally understand.  Really, I do.  I can understand why and how he can see that.  From a worldly point of view, mind you.  I mean, Red has the Black Death symbol, the plague mask, on their latest album cover.  Wait, what?


This symbol is used to depict the Black Death: the plague mask, a black mask with a long beak, able to strike terror at once.

This symbol probably appeared during the 1348 plague in Italy, because the masks actually worn by Italian doctors allowed them to avoid contracting the disease during their visits to plague victims.

Inside the plague mask, in its beak, were inserted aromatic substances considered healthy.

The black color is a symbol of deep terror that sowed the Black Death in Europe, making people feel hopeless.

(I stole this from

Yes, so satanic.  Death is not an uncommon symbol in Christianity.  And this was a real thing that people turned into a symbol.

This isn’t the first time someone was turned off by them.  There was a lady who came by our table on Thursday who said, “I feel so sorry for you guys.”

“Why?” Mom asked.

“This music is horrible.  I feel so sorry for you that you have to be at their table.”

“We chose to be here,” Mom replied.


But, on the flip side, there was this 62 year old lady who came up to our table as well.

“I love this band!  They were so good!”

It’s nice to know that there were more people who liked Red than there where those who didn’t.  Yep, Red is loud.  Yep, Michael screams (yells?  It’s more of a yell).  But just because you don’t understand the symbolism, or their lyrics, doesn’t mean it’s horrible, or satanic.

“As a young female, do you like this type of music?” the older guy asked me.

“Yes,” I answered.

“Do you think this type of music will bring people to Jesus?”


“Really?  Why?”

“A lot of the younger generation needs this type of music.  This is what speaks to them.  Look at where they’re at.  They could be anywhere else, but instead, they’re at a Christian concert.”

After he made a couple more comments, I ended with this.  “Where two or more are gathered in His name, there He is.  This band probably brought most of the kids here.  They are hearing music from all of these other bands, too.  Who’s to say one of those bands won’t speak to them?  Even just one.  The music will bring them, God will speak to them.”

I will end with this.  I saw this comment on YouTube for a Red video called Release The Panic:

I love this song, it’s my life. it actually helped me not relapse on self harm. this band can save lives including mine.

Don’t underestimate the power of music.  All different types of music.

Whatever it takes, Lord.  Whatever it takes.

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