Dawn Of The Second Day: 48 Hours Remain

"Sarah, what happened to the first day?" Well, technically, this is the second day, because tomorrow would be the final 24 hours before NaNoWriMo starts, and if you get the reference, then you'll...get the reference and understand what I mean. Anway! Lots has happened, actually.  Mom and I went on a bridge, we put a … Continue reading Dawn Of The Second Day: 48 Hours Remain

In Which I Explain Something To Myself

I don't understand why.  Why?  Why do people think they can do things to people? But I know why.  It's not that hard to explain.  Here, let me do that for you: Because they can. We live in a world where we are afraid.  We are afraid of each other.  We are afraid of our … Continue reading In Which I Explain Something To Myself

What Do Writers Do Again?

Well, happy October!  NaNoWriMo is next month!  I can't believe it!  Yes, of course I'm participating, why wouldn't I?  Oh, because the last couple of years have sucked and I didn't like my stories?  Hey!  Last year's story is good.  I just don't know who died and why, that's all. I actually do like last … Continue reading What Do Writers Do Again?