Going Back To The Root

I finally decided to do Ancestry’s free two week trial, and take a look at my family tree.  I found a lot on my grandma’s side (my dad’s mom).  I found some German and English ancestors.  The English people stopped at Canada, and some of those Canadians came down to Michigan.

But, I’m more interested about my dad’s side of the family.

I wanted to do this because I wanted to see what ran through my family.  I don’t know what I was hoping to find, but anything would have satisfied me.

I found out that my grandfather, Samuel, actually changed his name in the 30’s.  He was actually born Gordon (which was his middle name).  He was one of three children, the other two being William (which is my dad’s name, William Gordon), and Anna.  William and Anna were born in Scotland, in the 20’s.  My grandfather, Gordon, was born in Michigan, in 1926, one year after my great grandparents, William Brown and Annie Brown (formally, Gosden), moved here.  I am a third generation born American (my grandfather, my dad, then me).

My great grandparents were born in Scotland.  My great grandfather’s parents (my great, great grandparents) were born in Ireland.  My great grandmother’s father was born in Ireland, and her mother, in Scotland.

My great grandfather died just before 1940.  I never found out what happened to my great grandmother though.  I can’t find her after 1940.

I come from a line of welders/blacksmiths, and machine operators.  I guess that’s why my favorite class in college was Audio Electronics, where I solder, and made pedals.  Hm.  My dad broke the mold when he decided he was going to be a painter.

I’m mad because I can’t go back any farther.  I can’t find Annie’s parents names, and I can’t find any information on William.  I can’t even find where he married Annie (Scotland, England, Ireland for all I know).  I think Annie married someone else, but he doesn’t fit in with what I know, so, that doesn’t help me at all.

I really want to know more about my great grandfather.  Even my great grandmother.  I want to learn about their lives in Ireland and Scotland.  I knew that I was mostly Scottish and Irish, but I didn’t know how much.

One thing I did find out was, everyone lived in Michigan.  They all pretty much lived in the same place.  From 1925, to 2015.  That’s 90 years of Browns living in almost the same spot.  I found a document from 1930 that had William, Annie, William, Anna, and Gordon’s names on it, and they lived in Oakland County.  My mother worked at the Oakland County Golf Course back in 1995.  She grew up in Birmingham, where, I think, my grandma’s parents lived at one point.

And here I am, in Virginia, and Tennessee.  I used to want to live in Michigan again, but now I’m rethinking that.  First of all, it’s cold.  Second, that’s where I’m “supposed the be.”  And by that I mean, all of my ancestors lived there, it’s tradition.

Oh well, I’ll break the mold too and say no to that.  I’m fine right where I am.

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