Really? Seriously?

A lot has happened this week.  It’s been two weeks since I met with someone about the new job I applied for.  I’ve been waiting for an e-mail to take a drug test, so I could start.  Well, I called the guy I met with last week Wednesday, but he didn’t answer, nor did he call me back.  So on Tuesday, I called the other person I met with three weeks ago.  They told me they weren’t hiring anyone else.

On Wednesday, I get a phone call from my mother.  She told me they were letting her go because they hired too many people.  She has been working for this company for four months, and they decided to keep someone else who was just hired two weeks ago.  So after this job, she will be unemployed.

Not only that, but also on Wednesday, there was a shooting in Moneta, Virginia at a plaza called Bridgewater.  I’ve been going there for 22 years.  It’s about a half an hour away from me, maybe less.  All the schools around there were in lockdown, including Bedford Country schools, where I went to high school.  I know someone who has kids, and friends, who go to school in those schools.  I watch WDBJ, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Alison do reports.

This is so depressing.

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