Moar Paint

Mom and I did another painting.  This time, it wasn’t Bob Ross, although I did find myself using the same techniques.  Seriously, they look the same, especially the trees.


My Painting


Mom’s Painting

Other than that, my life has consisted of work.  I put up two posters in my room, my chalkboard, and my whiteboard.  And I put up a painting.  I tried three different ones, and I ended up with my “fantasy” one.  I don’t know why I call it that.

I also put a light up in my paint cabinet.  I spent a good hour measuring and marking, making sure that when I went to put up the light, it wouldn’t take me a long time.  Forty-five minutes and eight holes later, it’s finally up.  I can’t measure.

That’s it, just work and working on the house.  Fun fun.

Good night!  Good morning!  Good everything!

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